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New Parent Guides - Early parenting advice from experts – Tagged "food" – Shumee

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Need a different perspective on pressing parenting problems? Read our blog for good ideas, honest sense, and practical advice.

Time for Solids? When, What, How

Time for Solids? When, What, How

At around 6 months, your paediatrician will tell you to start thinking about introducing solid foods to your baby. The pr...

Parenting perspectives are always evolving. In every episode of Playtime with Shumee, India’s first podcast on play & parenting, we chat with experts to explore new schools of thought.

[Season 2 Episode #3] Getting fussy eaters to eat

[Season 2 Episode #3] Getting fussy eaters to eat

Does your otherwise angelic toddler turn into a raging monster at mealtimes? Refusing the food you lovingly make, pushing bowls and plates away,...

What do you do to keep kids engaged at home? Our videos feature fun ideas you can easily try to home, from arts & crafts to baking and storytelling.

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