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Five reasons to buy toys made from natural materials – earth day special!

April 21, 2016

Shumee sustainable and safe wooden toys for babies

The earth is a better place for everyone when we use natural materials. Here are five reasons to help you choose natural and safe toys for babies.

  1. Children and especially babies, explore everything with their mouths and plastic toys, especially cheap ones made with little regard to safety, can cause irreparable harm to their developing minds and bodies. Plastic toys tend to contain toxic chemicals like Biphenyl A and phthalates which are known endocrine disrupters associated with birth defects, autoimmune disease, neurological and reproductive damage.Shumee natural and non-plastic Safe Toys for babies
  2. Toys made from natural materials are safe toys for babies and they often support small businesses. They are often handcrafted by local artisans. They keep alive a tradition and often each toy has its own little quirkiness that is often missing in mass produced plastic toys. When you buy local you also reduce your carbon foot print, by reducing transportation and logistical costs.
  3. Wooden toys are timeless, durable, easier to fix, and are safe toys for babies. People choose plastic because sometimes wooden toys appear expensive but in the long run the wooden toys are often passed down for generations. They are more charming and aesthetically pleasing and are often collectibles.The timeless and durable Shumee Wooden Blocks for Toddlers
  4. Simple wooden and cloth toys have less impact on the environment. Their long life and heirloom quality along with their renewable and biodegradable nature makes these toys safe for babies and eco-friendly as well.Shumee sustainable and safe wooden toys for babies
  5. Landfills are full of plastic toys that take hundreds of years to degrade all the while leaching toxic chemicals into the soil. So, buy natural and safe toys for babies which helps you in reducing your carbon footprint and instilling the values of sustainable living in future generations at an early age. It is a priceless gift to the whole planet and just an added bonus that simple toys bring.

In addition to this you can also help the planet by conserving water, planting trees, and thinking of the environment in whatever you do everyday. Let us all pledge to make the earth a better place for everyone. Happy Earth day!

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