To the first superhero in everyone's lives - Happy mother's day.

  • May 05, 2016
  • Shumee Happy Mother's Day - Baby Toys Online

    Every Mom is a superhero,
    doing all it takes and more. 
    From rocking you to sleep at night,  
    to keeping of all that you need a score.

    She sees and hears most everything, 
    And knows what is on your mind.
    And if you should ever lose something, 
    Its only lost if its something she cannot find.  

     Bed times are best with Moms - Happy Mother's day - Shumee

    She can make everything extra special,
    Be it food time or playtime. 
    And bedtimes are always best with her, 
    With cuddles, giggles and story time.  
    From sibling fights, to first prom nights, 
    to listening to your every  dream,
    She plays referee, the first best friend, 
    the one who boosts your self- esteem.  
    She is the first role model,
     At work, playtime or elegant fashion,
    To be like her in every way , yet inspiring us, 
    to be ourselves and follow our passion.

    Being like mom is every way - Shumee Baby Toys for 6 Months babies

    She is special like none other,
    Celebrate her every day.
    Make her feel like she does you,
    On this special Mother’s day.


    Shumee Happy Mother's Day - Baby Toys Online

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