What toys do for your child!

  • Jul 23, 2015
  • What toys do for your child!

    Ever wonder exactly what toys accomplish for your child?

    Apart from being fun and keeping children engaged, toys also contribute to various aspects of a child’s development. From motor skills to mental ability and even creativity and imagination, toys enhance each child’s inherent abilities and develop new ones.So, be they rattle toys for babies, jigsaw puzzles for toddlers or educational toys for preschoolers – you should select your toys wisely.

    So what do toys do and how can you as a parent or care giver tell?  The answer lies in the development icon labels on the toy. Apart from being classified as toddler toys, infant toys etc. by age, or by material like, wooden toys and plastic toys, scientifically designed  toys carry icons that tell you exactly what you can expect when your child plays with the toy – for example, jigsaw puzzles for toddlers or educational toys for preschoolers. Here is what you can expect from Shumee toys:

    The fundamentals behind the fun:

     Wooden baby toys for 6 months - Shumee doll houseHappiness and security. Every parent’s primary dream is to ensure that their child is happy and secure. Do you recall that warmth and security that your childhood favorite evoked? Certain toys make a child feel very secure and become constant companions. The Boy and girl Rattle, Doll house with furniture for example are toys that your child will want to preserve long after they grow up for the sheer feelings they invoke. 

    Shumee’s Kitchen Pretend set - Learning toys for kidsCo-operation and sharing. Toys that encourage a child to share to give and take and to be a team player. They teach the child to navigate his way through the social waters. When you child plays with the Shumee doll tree house or the long train track, it encourages them to share and co-operate. 

    Shumee musical toys for toddlers - Buy toys online India

     Shumee musical toys for toddlers - Buy toys online India Confidence and self -expression, The ability to put together things, do-it-yourself toys or the ones that encourage children to articulate themselves openly build self-esteem and their confidence in themselves.

    Watch your child put together a Shumee Tool chair or play with the Nesting blocks and see for yourself.Such educational toys for preschoolers or jigsaw puzzles for toddlers are important for enhancing specific skill sets in your little ones.

    Communication and listening. Language development and communication is enhanced and speeds up with group play. Board games, puppets and the like encourage communication. Shumee’s Kitchen Pretend set or the large train track are great examples of toys that encourage communication and listening.

     Problem solving. Want to cultivate the never–give-up spirit in your little ones? Get them toys that encourage them to find their own solutions, like jigsaw puzzles for toddlers or educational toys for preschoolers.Puzzles, building sets and activities that require completion contribute hugely to patience and problem solving skills. Example: Shumee peg board puzzle.

    Number skills. Maths whiz anyone? Early number skill development through toys that involve counting or putting together. Puzzles and activities like bead count enable a child to learn numbers quickly. The  Shumee activity triangle for instance not only keeps your child engaged but also teaches them number skills effortlessly. 

    Imagination and creativity. Pretend play encourages a strong imagination. Imaginative play and creativity get a huge boost with certain toys.  Children develop cognitive, social and emotional life-skills when they utilize their imaginations. Watch them tell stories with the  Shumee Log house, Rocking horse.

    First words. Speech and communication skills get enhanced with toys that help develop alphabet skills, reading and communication.  Since toys encourage unrestrained expression, children are more likely to learn faster. Example Shumee: Desk top board.

    First skills. Watch a child learn to ride a bike and watch those eyes sparkle. The satisfaction of accomplishing something for themselves goes a long way in building self- esteem and confidence. As they learn to ride the Balance Bike,  or play that guitar,  their confidence will get a boost.


    Curiosity and discovery. Toys that encourage you to ask more questions and seek out more provide great mental stimulation. A curious and questioning mind is an extremely important aspect of growth. Bring them a sense of adventure with the Safari truck, Sea world puzzle or other such educational toys for preschoolers or jigsaw puzzles for toddlers.

    Academics.Number games, letters and reading toys boost a child’s academic knowledge. They enhance a child’s ability to learn and cope much better with school and class-room academics. Example: Two way Black board, Clock Puzzle Board.

    Sensory. Tactile, visual and aural learning often go hand in hand and toys provide that in abundance. Children learn about colours, shapes and textures which are building blocks for reading and writing.  Snazzle the rainbow snail puzzle, or Dinozzle the Dinosaur puzzle are examples of how they imbibe the world through their senses. 

    Gross Motor Skills. Carrying toys around, pulling them along, riding them and pushing them along develops and sharpens gross motor skills. Example: Haley Wooden Push and Pull Along Toy

     Fine Motor skills. Toys help improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Watch a child try to fit two parts of a puzzle or push a shape through a shape sorter and you will watch them improve automatically as they play with the toy. Example: Shape sorter trucker.

    Balance. Toddlers work on their physical strength and skills through play. Toys encourage them to crawl, walk and run after them. Be it the activity walker or the pull along toys, they speed up a child’s sense of balance. The Balance bike will teach them to ride and also get them to learn about balance. 

    Toys are not mere distractions  and a harried parent's resort. Toys – be they jigsaw puzzles for toddlers or educational toys for preschoolers - are tools that help develop skills that we all need for leading useful, fulfilled, productive and happy lives. They are simulators for the real adult world. If you want the best way to equip your child with the best skills, go ahead and get them  the right toy to play with. Let the playtime begin!

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    Informative post. Wish we had all this information when our kids were young. It will make shopping for grand-kids easier.

    Jaya Shenoy

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