Good, clean, fun! Its spring time.

  • Feb 26, 2016
  • Shumee & Friends - Musical toys for toddlers

    Spring is in the air! And here is what it means...

    • The end of winter cold
    • The end of the academic year
    • Exam time for older kids
    • Hotter climes in sight
    • Time to clean up before those hot lazy summer vacations.

    There is no time like the present to teach kids a little bit about cleaning and tidying up and get them involved. Even your toddlers can help.

    Here is how you can make it fun –

    Make it a game – All you need is a large box to empty what you no longer want to use for the next few months. Kids love the idea of dumping things into a box.

    Shumee & Friends - Musical toys for toddlers

    Ask their opinions – Kids as young as three can be asked to pick out three toys that they have out grown and can give away to the less privileged. It will set them thinking and inculcate values of charity and kindness

    The three D’s of cleaning – Involve the kids while you sort through their things. Have three boxes

    1. Donate - Things that they have out-grown or do not fit into, but are usable can be donated.
    2. Discard – Toys, clothes, books and items that are no longer usable have to be thrown out to make place for other things.3
    3.  Deposit – Things that are reusable but only in different weather (woolen scarves, warm blankets etc.) can be deposited in storage with proper care

    Rewards – At the end of it all, treat them to a favourite – a meal, a story book, a toy or anything else that they enjoy for a job well done.

    Have patience – The most important thing you must do is to lower your expectations and be patient. Yes! You can do it faster and better if you do it by yourself, but remember that this is the best way to teach them. You are also making cleaning ‘family time’.


    spring cleaning


    So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that clutter and make space for your little one's growing needs. Spring into action right this weekend!


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