A rocking horse is a toy for joy!

  • Oct 11, 2017
  • A rocking horse is a toy for joy!

    A rocking horse is a thing of joy, for every toddler, be it girl or boy.

    It takes you on journeys unimaginable, as it sails through the imaginative sky. 

    rocking horse- with music from shumee on Vimeo.

     To others, it may be just a wooden toy that looks like a horse and rocks,

    But toddlers and little children know it has magic in its tail, with every swish it talks.


     It listens to you and takes you on a fairy tale every time,

    You whiz about from one story to another and everything ends just fine.

     You can ride to castles from the past and be a hero yourself,

    But you know without your faithful wooden horse, you could be no help.


    https://www.shumee.in/products/rocking-horse-1 You know what makes the wooden rocking horses magical?

    Every toddler knows it well, maybe It’s time for us the secret to tell.

    They may be wooden but are created with love and stardust too,

    So you can do whatever you wish on any ride you want to.

    https://www.shumee.in/products/rocking-horse-1So the next time you get on that wooden toy rocking horse,

    Just know like every toddler does, that it is the best that ever was!

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