Catch a cloud and hitch a ride of discovery this monsoon.

  • Jul 26, 2017
  • Explore And Discover Fun And Food In This Monsoon

    Paper boats and puddles and wet clothes muddles are not the only things that we can discover this monsoon. Look at rains through the eyes of your child and see what all the season does for them. Catch a cloud and hitch a ride of discovery this season. 

    Discover sharing – Remember that little walk home in one umbrella, jostling each other and yet trying to make sure neither got wet? Sharing can be fun and this is one opportunity to do it in a fun way. Once you share an umbrella and that closeness, you will never look at rain the same way.

    Discover the games families play – If the monsoon keeps you cooped up inside, look at the silver lining.  You are with all those you love and there is time to spend together. Instead of feeling ‘cooped up’, make it a family celebration. Get out those monster cards or puzzles, or the ninjaki or Jenga blocks. Whoever wins the game, everyone is winning precious time together.

    Discover closeness – Busy lives and schedules leave little time for relaxed gatherings where you get to know your ‘uncle-by-marriage’ or your ‘cousin-twice-removed’ these days. So if your little one’s tennis match gets cancelled or cricket gets moved due to a few puddles on the pitch, it is the perfect time to surround yourself with the warmth of family, hot snacks and hot chocolate and coffee.

    Discover solo journeys – Let your little ones discover the absolute joy of pitter patter on the window panes while delving into the pages of books that take them places far beyond the realms of imagination.  There is never a better time to let the flow of the words wash over you than when cocooned by clouds.

    Discover new avatars - Cooking with dad and skipping rope with mom, or discovering a new talent for singing via antakshari, or exploring the artist within, or discovering little green fingers – the scope is unlimited and a rainy day is awash with possibilities of a new you.

    Let not the wet outside dampen your spirits. Families are always in season and monsoons are a perfect time like every other time.  Your little ones can play in a tent you pitch and pretend it’s the outside. Get out their blocks and construction sets and let their creativity surge over everything else. Take out those beloved books and spark that imagination to new lands.  

    Let the rains wash away the ennui that sets in with routine and watch smiles blossom and talents bud.  It is the season of growth!

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