How to count in baby years!! Baby milestones.

  • Feb 11, 2019
  • How to count in baby years!! Baby milestones.

    One minute they are helpless little bundles and the next they have you chasing them to ensure that they do not get into harm's way!

    Where did the time go? You must be knowing other parents who feel this while watching their babies grow up. Your parents, who have recently been promoted to grandparents, definitely feel this way.

    The years may pass but as parents baby years matter more to us than any other year.

    From the day a baby enters our lives (in fact even before they put in an appearance into this world) we are counting each day by how they feel, grow, learn, develop and so on. 

    Every day that they smile more is an important day.

    We mark the day they sit up or say their first word on our calendars.

    From the first smile to the first day at school to graduation cap and more we oversee them, tend to their changing needs and revel in their growth. 

    A lot of sources will give you a multitude of ideas about baby milestones and what to expect from day one. You might even be inundated with advice and comparisons about what other babies in the family, the neighborhood or your friends' circle might be doing.

    Enjoy those elusive moments and count your blessings in baby smiles! If you'd like to capture and keep those memories forever, take a look at our Baby's Precious Milestones Cards. They are a great memory-keeper and perfect as a gift too!

    It can all be scary and constant comparisons might daunt you. But don't set too much store by these or obsess over your baby development chart.

    You must remember that every baby is different and will grow at a different pace.

    Some babies might smile earlier while others may turn over faster and still others may crawl before anyone else in their peer group.

    As parents we are anxious, but baby developmental milestones are just a way to make sure you can keep watch for anything that is out of the ordinary. Remember that it is not a contest or competition, but just a general yardstick to ensure all is going well. 

    You may have been expecting the baby to gain weight from day one - after all you know that babies grow larger with each passing day, right?

    True as that is, it is also true that babies may lose a little weight in the first week of their lives.

    But doctors will tell you that there is no need to hit the panic button right away. Babies will gain weight after week one, and again, this will vary from one to another, especially if one is breastfed, while another is on formula. 

    Touch, interaction, love and support matters to every baby and as long as we shower these in abundance, we are parenting correctly for the most part.

    If you are anxious about any milestone that you might think your baby is slipping up on, its best to discuss it with your medical practitioner rather than get into a panic.

    Once you have set such guidelines for yourselves, you can make milestones more fun with products that help you capture and record these clearly and easily.

    Who doesn't want to relive a baby's first step or smile?

    We capture and record dates and images so we can relive these wonderful moments again and again. 

    We leave you with some child development milestones that fall into a few different categories, no matter what the age of your baby.

    • Gross motor skills, such as crawling and walking
    • Fine motor skills, such as stacking blocks or coloring
    • Language skills, including speech and comprehension
    • Thinking skills
    • Social interaction 

    If you are concerned about any developmental delays, your doctor is the best person to talk with and discuss the issue. 


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