A gifting guide to get your child the best Christmas present

Has your child started preparing for Santa’s yearly visit? You may have a tradition of leaving milk and cookies out for Santa on Christmas eve or tucking your little one in early that night, all done with great anticipation of a gift under the tree the next morning!

But as much as we love seeing the look on our children’s faces when they open up their present, finding the perfect gift during an already busy holiday season can be daunting. This may especially be true if you have younger children who might not be able to tell you what they want.

If you are overwhelmed by the options and wondering what to get your child, we’d love to help you out! In this gifting guide, we explore how you can approach gifting for children, the different types of gifts you can give, and how to help your little one receive gifts. With the right direction, finding the perfect gift can be a breeze! 

What would your child enjoy?

If you were getting a gift for your best friend or spouse, how would you go about it? You’d think of what hobbies, activities, and little things they are enjoying these days. And then, you’d use what you know of their taste to select something they will love. Getting a gift for your child is not that different! 

Nobody knows your little one as well as you do. Think of what they like doing the most, what toys they use more than others, and what stage of development they are in. 

Forget the hot new toy in the market and look for what’s right for your child. A child has no concept about fancy and expensive toys, they will love what they find the most fun, engaging, and rewarding!

Your child may love running around, being active, and exerting energy. In that case, you could look for toys that give them a chance to do just that. They may love cuddling with you every chance they get. If so, you could get them a gift which creates more opportunities for bonding and quality time. 

Remember that the best gifts are ones which meet a child where they are at and help them grow. So forget the hot new toy in the market and look for what’s right for your child. A child has no concept about fancy and expensive toys, they will love what they find the most fun, engaging, and rewarding!

What are some good gifting ideas?

1. Gift an experience

Kids need the simplest props to embark on the greatest adventures!

For adults, an experience may be tickets for an adventurous vacation or vouchers for a spa day. These give us a chance to exert our imagination, wander, and unwind. For children, this experience can easily be attained with a few stimulating pretend play toys. Toddlers and preschoolers have wild imaginations and need the simplest props to go on the greatest adventures. With the right pretend play toys, they could turn into a chef, an ice cream vendor, or even go camping in your balcony!

2. Gift knowledge 

All it takes are a few age-appropriate, engaging books.

Most children enjoy reading, especially books with bright, lovely illustrations. If you are looking to help your child increase their vocabulary, build their understanding of the world, or even spur their imagination, a few age-appropriate, interactive books are the easiest way to go. 

3. Gift practical and pretty

Who says gifts have to be expensive? Think outside the box.

Does your little one ignore their playroom full of toys and run straight to your cups, plates, and casseroles? Children often have the most fun by imitating what adults do. If you want to give your child a chance to explore this independence, you could help them recreate it with pretend play toys. You could also avoid conventional toys altogether and give them something practical, fun, and safe to play with such as painted cardboard boxes, colourful papers, holiday socks, or paper cups! 

4. Gift something personalised 

Nothing says love like handmade and homemade.

Speaking of spending less and giving more meaningful gifts, you could always make something personal and special at home. Every child loves a yummy plate of cookies and funky holiday cards. You could even get them to help you out, sing carols while creating together, and make a tradition out of it!

5. Gift your time

Bond with books, cards, and fun two-player games!

If you are trying to get more quality time with your preschooler before they head off to school, think of activities that give you a chance to bond. Books, card games, and two-player games like chess and tic tac toe could be just the thing for you. These could help you create a daily playtime or bedtime ritual or could even be the start of weekly family game nights!

6. Gift a hobby

You may even stoke a lifelong passion!

 Has your child recently found interest in something that could be a lifelong passion or hobby? You could gift them ways to keep pursuing this! A set of wooden stamps, coloring mats, or DIY kits are all wonderful hobby toys that most kids are sure to love.

7. Gift a chance to be Santa

Ask your child if they'd like to give away a toy to a child Santa can't reach this year.

If you already have a gift in mind for your child but want to ensure that they understand the true essence of the season, ask them if they’d like to play Santa this year. Explain to them that there are children Santa may not be able to reach, have them pick out a few toys from their collection, and spend the day at an orphanage or children’s home near you. In this way, they not only get something, but also experience the joy of giving!

Talk to your kids about how to receive gifts

So you have the perfect gift picked out! Now it’s time to talk to your child about how to receive gifts so that they are courteous and always remember to be grateful. 

Remind your child that telling someone thanks will let them know that you appreciate the effort they put into picking a gift, which in turn will make them happy.

Be gracious – Whether or not they like the gift, tell your child that it’s important to accept it graciously with a smile, especially if it’s given by friends or extended family. Help them understand that what makes a gift special is that the giver thought about them and wanted to get something just for them.

Be grateful – A simple and heartfelt thank you from a toddler can make anyone’s Christmas a whole lot merrier. Remind your child that telling someone thanks will let them know that you appreciate the effort they put into picking a gift, which in turn will make them happy.

Enjoy the moment – Make sure to let your little one have a few moments to themselves where they can rip open their presents or excitedly run around the house holding it up. This pure expression of happiness is irreplaceable!

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving plenty of gifts. Try and make each gift count in terms of the joy it brings and the memories you create around it. Most importantly, let your little one know that the true spirit of the holidays is about love, sharing, and caring!

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