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How we can nurture our kids to do something for the environment. – Shumee
How we can nurture our kids to do something for the environment.

Doing something for the environment is crucial for us and the younger generation. What can we do to seed sustainability? 

How can we teach them young?

Sustainability is a buzz word these days, and like all new things, we are not sure how we can help our children do the best they can for the environment. Children who learn young about nature, conservation, and protection of biodiversity in the environment will grow up to do more for the environment and themselves.

Be a role model. The first step is to be the change you wish to see in the world. If you are careful with natural resources, chances are your kids will pick that up without even knowing it. Turn off lights, shut off taps. Walk and cycle if you can instead of taking a vehicle.

Provide good experiences. A sustainable item can be good in many ways.  A favorite toy made sustainably is not just about the joy of play; it can also be a teaching moment about the materials used, why it is essential. Take them grocery shopping and make it fun. Where does all the food come from? 

Talk it out. Single-use straws can be a hazard for sea creatures. Praise your kids for not using straws and other such sustainable behavior. Talk to kids about concepts like pollution, recycling, climate change, nature conservation, etc. in an age-appropriate manner. Littering, for instance, is an easy concept that can then be developed into more detailed conversations as the child grows.

Explore the outdoors. Nature walks, sustainability strolls bring kids closer to mother earth. Let them explore the beauty of nature and appreciate how the planet functions and how each creature has a place in the chain. You can love something or work for it only if you understand it and feel close to it. 

Use Science. Simple experiments like solar cookers, composting organic waste, and growing and caring for saplings, etc. are fun bonding activities that can go a long way to teach kids about the environment and sustainability.

Read.  Books are havens for everything. Stories that talk about sustainability, or talk about waste reduction, recycling, etc. are great ways to get the message without forcing it down kids’ throats.

Good role models. From a child who was inspired by jellyfish to create lighting for windows to cool rooms to young Indian kids with innovative inventions like Bee bots and seeders controlled by solar power, many young heroes can be great role models.

Why we need to start young?

Habits are hard to break after a while. They are also easier to form when the child is young. And as the saying goes, there is no time like the present. So this World environment day, you can start a new tradition and start educating your child about the environment and how to do something for it. Happy Environment!

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