Love - Toddler style!!

  • Feb 08, 2018
  • Love - Toddler style!!

     Actions speak louder than words at least where little ones are concerned.  Does your little one cry when hungry or throw tantrums when upset? They also show their love in very much the same way - through their actions.

    Little ones don’t always have a vocabulary to show they love you. (Or that they do not like what is happening, but that is a different post).  They often resort to non-verbal behavior to express their love, and it is for us as guardians and caregivers to recognize it. Parents do know what to expect from their children, but its the season for love and who does not want a reminder that they are loved??!!

    Artistic expression – That card with scribbles and that little book with stick figures which has a little one clinging to the hand of a larger stick figure may not win awards, but it means that they look at you as their lifeline and secure hold. That often askew,  carefully pasted, sticky picture or a little glitter that shines all over, is their masterpiece to the love you share.

    Routines, rituals and a rush of love – The same thing every day may seem uninteresting to a teen or an adult, but little ones love the security it provides. When they ask you to read the same book, night after night, or play with the same toy, or even just sit on your lap, in the same manner, it is a declaration of love. Enjoy it!

    Bite-sized shares – That sticky lollipop that you wish had not dribbled over the car seat, or that chocolate that smeared on your favourite dress is an offering of love. They love something and want you to enjoy it as well. Never mind the stain on the seat, think of it as a love mark.

    Rushing to you – When they spot you after a break, even if it is a short break while they have been busy, they will rush to you and maybe also ask to be hugged and lifted up. They are saying they love you and missed you.

    Cuddling and Snuggling with You – Know how that bed for two often becomes a family bed, with little ones bang in the middle? Well, it is just an ‘I love you” sign as they wish to cuddle and snuggle with you.

    Imitation as love - Does your little one want to feed a teddy bear, a doll, a younger sibling or even you? It is their way of lavishing care just as you do on them. Pretend household chores, or pretend driving – it’s all about admiration and love. Children copy what they see and imitate you to demonstrate their love.   Next time they pretend feed you... Just open wide and go “aaahhh’!

    This season of love, enjoy these small moments that will make you smile and make beautiful memories.  Have a lovely Valentines month!!

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