Staying the course on a family resolution

  • Jan 04, 2018
  • Staying the course on a family resolution

    In the last post, we had brought up the topic of a family New Year resolution. Have you taken one? If not, don’t worry; it’s not too late.  A family resolution can be a great way to build stronger bonds with the children, while also inculcating values that will stand them in good stead all through their lives.

    Teamwork works

    Getting your family to work as a team to achieve a common goal helps strengthen relationships and create a motivation network among all members of the family. You will feed off one another’s enthusiasm (most importantly, when one of you seems to be about to quit) and that will help you keep going.

    Teaching perseverance

    The role grit plays in success has become a hot topic, especially after Angela Duckworth’s TED talk which has since been viewed well over a million times. But grit, perseverance and resilience have been qualities that teachers and parents have tried to instill since time immemorial. For example, Aristotle believed tenacity was one of the most valued virtues. And what is keeping a resolution if not staying the course for a long-term goal?

    Keeping the spirit up

    Resolutions are easy to make and tough to keep. More so for kids, as it is quite natural for their initial enthusiasm to wane as time goes on. The trick is to keep the spirit alive and find ways to keep the motivation fresh.

    Celebrate small milestones

    Kids are motivated by achievement.  By celebrating small milestones – one week of staying away from candy, or a whole weekend of being TV-free for example – helps keep the enthusiasm level up as they feel a sense of achievement that motivates them to go for the next goal. Keeping a resolution is a wonderful way to mix up instant gratification and delayed gratification as well. We are sure you can think of many ways to set milestones that keep the kids enthused for longer.

    Form good habits

    It may seem like an old-fashioned concept, but cultivating good habits early gives children a solid foundation to build on.  Resolutions can be a way to turn chores into habits and set the way for creating character building behavior. This family activity will also be a check on your adherence to the values you preach to the kids. After all, they are our best conscience keepers, aren’t they?

    We would love to hear what you are doing as a family to make and keep a resolution. Don’t forget to comment below. Your story can also serve as an inspiration to hundreds of other parents to make this a fun family initiative. Just imagine the entire Shumee parent network working as a family to motivate and enthuse one another – that’s a resolution we’d love to be a part of.

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