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Pots of gold at the end of the rainbow! Our precious grandchildren

Perhaps because I’m older and wiser, I am more carefree with my grandchildren. No longer bogged down by the pressures of work, I am able to enjoy every single moment with them. Emotionally, I am no longer conflicted over whether to join in the fun with the little ones or to make sure they stay within limits. Let their parents set the limits. Nana and nani are here to enjoy their second childhood with the little ones, to have unadulterated fun, to be their friends and co-conspirators in adventures.

September 09, 2017 — Shumee Toys

What makes parents 'Grand'? How to play with toddlers when you are on the wrong side of 60!

The arrival of my first grand daughter, Anoushka, was a strange experience. I was not quite sure what I was supposed to feel. Till that time I went through life judging or being judged and then came the first grand daughter. When I first held her, I understood the meaning of unconditional Love. Till then all my relationships was always a ‘give and take’ and then there was some one, I did not think twice about only giving with not a thought of taking.

September 06, 2017 — Shumee Toys