Ten ways to laugh and giggle and love your children on their day!

  • Nov 09, 2017
  • Ten ways to laugh and giggle and love your children on their day!

    Children’s day – we at shumee believe that every day is children’s day! A day filled with innocent artless fun, goofy smiles, silly time and a lot of laughter and love! 

    As parents, we are so busy trying to raise our children to be successful, well-adjusted, sensitive and responsible adults when they grow up. We get them books, toys, puzzles, nutritious food and teach them skills to get ahead in the world and at times we forget how to let down our hair and look at childhood through their eyes. It might not be possible to do it every day or all the time, but here is how you can be goofy, silly, loving and giggle with your little ones at times, especially as Children's day is just around the corner. 

    Dance like no one else is watching – Put on some music and just move together. Better yet, dance without any music and you will hear something only you and your kid's can. You could be the worst dancer and have two left feet, but your child will only remember how fun it is! In fact the sillier it looks, the more they will laugh and isn’t that what you want?


    Tickle each other silly – Announce a tickle fest and go for it. Rather than you being the tickle monster, let the child tickle you. They will feel in control, and you can both laugh together!

    Play pretend – Drinking endless cups of tea from a toddlers’ toy crockery may be something you have done before, but why not pretend to consume caramel custard? Do something unusual. Every interaction need not be about real issues.

    Create imaginary friends – If your toddler has imaginary friends, why not introduce your own imaginary friend to them? Maybe an alien from outer space? You might even enjoy it more than your child!

    Have a water fight - Simple pleasures of splashing about and letting them do things that they are ordinarily forbidden to, will bring out the laughter in squeals!


    Have a pillow fight – If not water there is always feathers. Take a soft pillow and lightly tap your toddler on their behind. They would love to get into it, and all you have to do is make the bed again once you have had your fill of laughs.

    Speak in a silly voice- Toddlers are so used to hearing ‘No’ as we try and keep them out of trouble that a silly voice will be a very different experience for them. An animal voice would be great to start with. 


    Make funny faces - Pre-schoolers and toddlers are very used to our serious faces as we rush about trying to finish our everyday chores. So how about having a funny face contest? Everyone laughs, and everyone wins!

    Stack the toys silly- While training them young to clean up and take care of their things is essential, you can certainly afford to be silly and make a stack of different toys all at once. Put the puzzles with the blocks, and the stacking rings with the train set. Build weird and wonderful structures.

    Face painting and dress up– Draw a moustache on yourself and silly eyebrows on them. Join your lips to your ears with paint and make silly signs on your cheeks. Wrap a towel like a toga or make it into a turban.  It will set off the giggles, and you will have a memory to keep.

    It does not really matter what you do as long as it's not your serious everyday stuff! You will discover that you enjoy bringing out the forgotten child inside you. Being silly and goofy will tell them they are special to you and very different from how you are with the rest of the world. Children’s day is coming up! Bring out the child in you!!

    Happy children's day! 

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