To the best thing in all our lives; Mother's love. A happy mother's day!

  • May 12, 2017
  • To the best thing in all our lives; Mother's love. A happy mother's day!

    Whom do you think of when you are in pain? Whose cooking do you swear by? Who taught you at the very start? From cooking your first meal to potty training, MOM has a huge hand in every life.

     But being a mom does not come with instructions. Also we are all very different and have very different lives. So there is no ‘one size fits all’ sort of advice when it comes to being a mom. But this mother’s day here is something we would like every mother to know. .

    You are enough - Since there is no instruction manual and no syllabus or test, mothers can be anxious to know how they are doing. We all have our moments when we feel inadequate and unprepared. It may be when a zealous neighbor boasts of how her 8 month old is already potty trained while your little one is not ready at 18 months. It could happen when you hear of that child who can read Harry Potter at age 6 while you are enjoying reading ‘The little green truck’ to your 5 year old. But trust us, every child develops at their own pace and you are doing enough for your child.

    Take your time - Do not hurry childhood. There is plenty of time to grow up, but for now, enjoy their childhood. We often worry about bringing up the perfect child while running a prefect life and a perfect home. But unless the dust is setting off asthma attacks, or the dirt is making you sick, tend to it in moderation. Take time off from housework or from that office file. Let that perfect meal be something you order in. Join your little one and set up a puzzle or a train track. Play cards with them. Be silly with them.  It is the best way to make every day mother’s day and save those memories for another mother’s day when they are all grown up.

    Love yourself - We understand your little munchkin is the most precious thing in your life. We also know you love them to bits. Show yourself some love too. Children learn what they experience. Being a good role model for your little one means showing love to yourself as well. Do not be overly self -critical as children pick up on nuances. Little girls and little boys need to see strong women as role models.

    Lean in on others - We have all been there. At that rather overwhelming place when we do not know what to do next and feel there is no one to turn to. Motherhood is meeting  myriad challenges head on and sometimes it takes more than the two of you parents. It takes a village they say to bring up a child. So find your village. It can be cousins, aunts, mothers, in-laws, out - laws, neighbors or friends. There is no shame in asking for help. So go ahead and let the little ones be while you take a breather, a night out on the town, or a movie or just lunch with the girls if that is what you need. You all will be better for it. 

    This mother’s day we would like to celebrate every mother for being the strong, beautiful woman she is. For being every little ones first coach. For being their first chef, fashion designer, life skills teacher, therapist, doctor, nurse and best friend for life. For being every child’s first love and their unfailing refuge! Happy mother’s day!

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