Why we must listen to toddlers and young kids.

  • Oct 19, 2016
  • Shumee Educational Toys For 3 Year Old builds self-esteem for kids

    Have you ever felt that learning toys for kids is a good way to keep your little ones engaged, but still they demand the most attention when you are at your busiest? Parents everywhere will agree that it appears that when we are on an important call or have to finish up some work, our child demands our attention the most. Parents will also complain that tweens and teenagers rarely talk to them. So what happens to the talkative child who demands our attention at all times when they hit teenage?

    Every parent has a different way and style of communication, be it with learning toys for their kids or other activities, but did you know that you set the tone early on? Kids come up with the most unique questions out of the blue as their little minds try to explore the world around them.

    We are often amused and sometimes brush off their questions or opinions as silly. Yet, while we might sometimes just insist our kids to play with their learning toys because we are busy or distracted and dismiss their question of opinion, it discourages them from saying more later.


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    Even the youngest children sense if their attempts at conversation don’t get complete attention. Their thoughts are after all the most important, as far as they are concerned.

    When you give your 100% to a child’s conversation, it does a lot for them.

    Shumee Educational Toys For 3 Year Old builds self-esteem for kids

    How can we ensure that they will come to us with their most joyous moments and their deepest darkest fears?

    • Learning toys for kids are not enough, rather what your kids are saying to you is more important. Give it the respect it deserves and listen without interruptions or brushing it away.

    • Encourage them to say more by asking questions and expressing interest. Say ‘then what happened’ ‘Tell me more’.
    • Avoid criticism or expressing displeasure right away. Wait for them to tell you the whole story.

    • Take time to reflect and then act. 
    • Refrain from correcting their language or grammar at each step no matter how tempted you feel.
    • Always signal that you are listening even through body language.
    • No question is 'stupid', even if it seems absurd.
    • The more a child questions and expresses, the more they learn. You must make a conscious effort to converse with your kids, apart from gifting them learning toys

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    Even the youngest child deserves a patient hearing. So, the next time you are preoccupied and your child comes up with one of this priceless conversation topics, stop what you are doing and listen. We can all learn a little bit more about ourselves and our children. Remember, pure conversation and learning toys for kids are two of the best ways to improve their self-confidence to face the real world.

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