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Simplifying Parenting – Page 7 – Shumee

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From teething to tantrums and pretend play to parenting styles, here’s everything you need to know about raising happy children. Click on a topic to know more.


Need a different perspective on pressing parenting problems? Read our blog for good ideas, honest sense, and practical advice.

Pic courtesy: Arwan Sutanto via Unsplash

Common childhood fears & how to tackle them

Does your toddler dislike sleeping alone and want to climb into bed with you lately? Are they waking up at night...
Raising happy children: 6 life lessons to teach your child

Raising a happy child: 7 lessons to teach them

“All the best of me belongs to her” says Helen Keller of her teacher Ann Mansfield Sullivan, in her book, ‘The story of my life’.<...
Babyproofing your house: A handy checklist

Babyproofing your house: A handy checklist

It’s incredible how quickly your little one begins to crawl and move about, isn’t it? While each milestone is a ...


Parenting perspectives are always evolving. In every episode of Playtime with Shumee, India’s first podcast on play & parenting, we chat with experts to explore new schools of thought.


What do you do to keep kids engaged at home? Our videos feature fun ideas you can easily try to home, from arts & crafts to baking and storytelling.

Shumee Activity Triangle

Shumee Activity Triangle

A five-sided wooden Shumee Activity Triangle that promises hours...
Thirsty Crow Board Game for Kids

Thirsty Crow Board Game for Kids

Take on the role of Aesop's thirsty crows, collect your pebbles, and move your way across the board to reach the matka of water. Caw-mon, let’s play!


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