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[Episode #4] Are you sharing too much about your child online? – Shumee
[Episode #4] Are you sharing too much about your child online?

Many of us parents have found our tribe online and it feels natural to us to talk about our kids and their antics, and our parenting travails and triumphs on social media. But when does it become TMI?

Find out if you have inadvertently started 'sharenting'—oversharing on social media as a parent—and how it can affect your child's privacy and safety. In this episode of Playtime with shumee, India's first podcast exclusively on play and parenting, we have included advice from veteran mom bloggers Shailaja Viswanath (Diary of a Doting Mom) and Mansi Zaveri (Founder of Kids Stop Press). 

November 19, 2019 — Rati Girish

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