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We put safety first — Always. – Tagged "babies" – Shumee

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As your baby enters a wonderful new world, they need a little help and so do you! Browse our developmental play ideas and parenting tips for the first two years.


Need a different perspective on pressing parenting problems? Read our blog for good ideas, honest sense, and practical advice.


Parenting perspectives are always evolving. In every episode of Playtime with Shumee, India’s first podcast on play & parenting, we chat with experts to explore new schools of thought.

[Season 2 Episode 8] Sleep training babies with sleep expert Kerry Bajaj

[Season 2 Episode 8] Sleep training babies with sleep expert Kerry Bajaj

How to sleep train babies? How early should you start? What happens when you're both working parents who get home late?...


What do you do to keep kids engaged at home? Our videos feature fun ideas you can easily try to home, from arts & crafts to baking and storytelling.

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