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The Pleasant Rakshasa - A Book by Sowmya Rajendran


Karimuga is a pleasant Rakshasa. He is a beautiful Rakshasa too. But that makes all the other Rakshasa's jealous of him. Karimuga can't bear to see them unhappy... A story that inverts ideas of beauty with a light touch, while the pictures add to the fun. Pages: 24 Age: 4+year...
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Maoo and the Moustaches


Maoo the kitten looks up — and there… above Murali Mama’s jolly smile is something thunderous and black, thick and curly… his moustache! Terrified, Maoo runs away. It takes more encounters with some fuzzy, reedy, bushy moustaches and a few long, soft, pointy whiskers for his hairy woes to end....
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Shabana and the Baby Goat


Wherever Shabana goes, there goes Kajri the little goat. The two are best friends! But there is a small gnawing problem that Shabana has to solve.The problem is, Kajri likes to chew – rope, masterji’s book and even Phuppo Jammo’s beautifully embroidered burkha. Just as things start getting out of...
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Junior Kumbhakarna


Every night, Kukku wants his father to tell him his favourite story. It is about the giant Kumbhakarna who sleeps non-stop for six months — and Kukku falls asleep just as Kumbhakarna does. In Kukku's dream, everyone is trying everything to wake up the giant. Nothing works. A lively retelling...
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The Mixed Up Chameleon - Author: Eric Carle


The chameleon’s life is not very exciting untill the day it discovers it can change not only its colour but its shape and size too. So when it sees the different animals in the zoo, it immediately wants to be like them but ends up being like all of them...
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Dada’s Useless Present - Author : Nalini Sorensen


Dada may be celebrating his 82nd birthday but he still considers himself spry, until a seemingly thoughtful gift from his son tells him otherwise. Nalini Sorensen beautifully captures the spirit of aging grandparents who refuse to cede their independence. Charming watercolour illustrations by the hugely talented Allen Shaw enliven this buoyant...
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Malu Bhalu (English) Author : Kamla Bhasin


This is a story about Malu, an adorable young polar bear growing up in the North Pole. As the tale unfolds through the adventures of Malu, the lilting cadence of the writing draws another larger picture: about girls, about what girls can do too. Yes, Malu is a female polar...
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