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ninjaKi is an educational game of skill that hones mental and physical agility.
Legend says that Ninjas are half demon and half crow. This delightful wooden game tests your ability to skillfully balance these agile ninjas atop one another to form a tower. The ninjas should not topple for you to get your points.
Each ninja has a skill and a special ability that makes him or her a winner. You too can win at concentration, focus, strategy and fine motor skills. Just bring these finely crafted wooden toy ninjas home and watch your children play with them over and over again.
An educational game for all ages, it will draw everyone from ages 5 and above. Comes in sets of 7 ninjas, with cards and a measuring scale. Buy one or buy more than one and raise your game to a new level.
Crafted from wood and safe materials for children and adults everywhere.
Ages: 5+ years

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