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New Born Toys – Shumee

Wooden Crochet Teether and Rattle Ring


Product Description: A rattle and a teether for your baby! Let babies explore multiple textures and colours. Rattle Rings are a multi- tasker toy and are just right for your favourite newborn! Hand made with traditional weaves called "amigurumi'" these are made of wood and cloth and can fit into any...
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Organic Crochet Shaker Rattle


Product Description: Soft and colourful crocheted rattles with smooth handles made of natural woodwith little organic beans inside, perfect for little hands to hold as they begin finemotor development, stimulate sensory development, hearing, tactile senses, andgenerate attention. What I will get!One colourful, one of a kind, hand-crafted rattle with different...
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Ele and Ball Rattle Organic Plush Toy


Product Description: Meet the cutest elephant rattle ever in a soft, plush, perfect to hold form for babies It is a ball, a rattle and a plush toy all roles into one for your baby. Soft, colorful and squeezable, it makes a perfect playtime accompaniment. Perfect for playtime and soothe...
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Striped Bunny Teether and Rattle Ring


Product Description: Soft and adorable bunny-shaped rattle teether with a ring made of safe organic material. The cute plushie with long and dangling ears could easily make this your baby’s favourite bedtime toy. What will I get? A bunny-shaped rattle made of organic cotton and a beechwood ring that creates...
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Baby's First Flash Cards


Product Description: These toddler educational flash cards are the perfect fun learning tool for all ages and various levels to motivate inspire and grow through play. 40 beautifully illustrated double-sided flashcards for babies that can be used for building focus, concentration, Vocabulary, imagination, storytelling, and more. See the Duckling and learn...
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