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Animal Habitat Baby Activity Toy for Kids | Free Shipping - Shumee

Animal Habitat Activity Cube


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Product Description:
Gear up to swim, float, run, climb, and make your way through the natural world! This Animal habitat activity cube is a five-sided wooden toy with a host of different activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

What will I get?
A wooden activity cube with a different, fun game on each side that your toddler will love!
- 4 gorgeously illustrated blocks of different shapes that can be sorted into holes on one side of the cube.
- 4 moving gears illustrated in an underwater theme on one side of the cube.
- 3 coins designed like birds that can be slid across a tree on one side of the cube.
- 1 chalkable side that your little one can draw, write, and get creative on.
- The top is designed like a maze where you can move beads and baubles to help fishes find their way around the pond.

How to use it?
Each side of this cube has a different experience so get ready to immerse yourself in the wild and exciting natural world!
- In the Sea-Facing side, twist the colourful moving gears with jellyfish, triangular fish, starfish and crab. Create fun stories as you play along.
- Swoop about with sliding birds in the Aerial Habitat. Your 2 owls and 2 birds can move about and change places on the tree. Make sure they each get a turn to try out every spot!
- In the Forest, you can fit the bear, lion, monkey and elephant into the correct slots and learn shapes as you play along!
- Help the fishes and frogs find their way out of the Maze Pond by moving them diagonally across each other.
- Scribble and make art on the chalkboard. Let your imagination loose and get creative!

What will my child learn?

toys for fine motor skill developmentFine motor skills: Playing with the blocks and moving about the beads will help your little one hone their fine motor skills.

toys for sensory developmentSensory: The bright colors, lovely designs, and unique shapes of elements in this toy will sharpen their sensory skills.

toys for curiosity skill developmentCuriosity: This toy is sure to get your little one curious about the beautiful world of animals. Get ready to answer tons of questions!

toys for problem solving skill developmentProblem-solving: Putting the blocks in the right slots and moving the beads and baubles across mazes will strengthen your child’s problem-solving abilities.


What is it made up of?
This toy is made of safe beechwood and is coloured using non-toxic, eco-friendly paints. Tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 International standards.

Dimensions:  20 x 20 x 20 cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Simple and engaging

The product looks simple when compared to the activity triangle. But my kid enjoys this more. Very colourful and neat finishing. Only thing is, they could have added another activity side instead of keeping the base blank.

Good but leaves room for more

Packing and user manual needs improvement

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