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Montessori Learning Tower for Toddlers


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Product Description:

A safe and sturdy bear-shaped wooden tower that doubles as a chair and a table. This multi-functional Montessori tower is ergonomically designed to help your toddler explore spaces around them. They can use it to sit next to you while you cook, climb up to the sink to wash their hands, or reach books and toys on higher shelves on their own. Their little world just got a whole lot bigger!

What will I get?
10 pieces of smooth and safe birch plywood and allen screws that can easily be assembled to form the tower.
How to use?
- Place the tower in your child's playroom to help them climb safely and access book and toys on higher shelves.
- Place it in the kitchen for them to reach the counter, help you in preparing food, and even make their own simple meals!
- They could also use it to reach the sink and wash up after eating.
- Open up the hinges and turn it into a table and a chair! Let your child sit next to you and observe you as you work.
- The back of the tower is also a chalkable surface to draw and get creative on.

What will my child learn?

toys for development of fine motor skillsThe tower will allow your child to climb up and help you with tasks like washing veggies and mixing batter, which will improve their fine motor skills. Drawing on the chalkable surface will also hone their pincer grasp and finger strength.

toys for gross motors skill development
          Climbing the tower will hone their leg and arm muscles.

toys for creative skill development

Getting artsy on the chalkable surface will spark their imagination and creative thinking



toys for building security

Being able to access spaces on their own and picking up life skills along the way will give your child a sense of freedom, independence, and security.



What is this toy made of?

This toy is made of smooth and soft birch plywood. It is painted with eco-friendly and non-toxic colours. Tested and certified by ASTM international standards.

Note: Keep in mind that this product is especially designed for a toddler's weight. The tower can hold up to 50 kg (176 lbs). Adult supervision is recommended during use.

Please note: The product comes in dissembled form, assembly needs to be done at the customers end. (Instructions provided)

Product Dimension: 90cmx 42cmx43.6cm
Box Dimension : 47cmx44cmx16.5cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Perfect for a toddler who wants to reach everything above their height

I was a bit hesitant to purchase the toddler tower since I was not sure how useful it would be. We keep it around the kitchen, My toddler of 13 months seemed skeptical at first but now climbs it all on his own to see what's happening when we are cooking in the kitchen. It's almost like a second pikler triangle because he loves to climb up and down just for fun too. We haven't used the table chair function as yet, since he doesn't seem ready for that stage, but I like how multi-functional the tower is. Worth the investment in my opinion.

Brilliant design + Sturdy !

This is just the thing I was waiting for!! I've always wanted to involve my lil one in our daily routines. This tower is everything I hoped for and more. I love the chalkable surface in this. Can't ask for more!

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