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Alphabet Building Blocks


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Product Description: The best multitasking wooden alphabet blocks for toddlers ever; build words or build towers, or you can do both. These unique wooden blocks are great for starting out for toddlers and can graduate into reading blocks for the school goers. Let your child build a towering vocabulary on...
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Wooden Multishape Chalk-o-Blocks Set


Product Description: Wooden block game for kids with a superb smooth finish made from natural wood, screen printed with natural eco-friendly colors. Child safe. Twenty-five multi-shaped blocks in different colors that can build anything your child wants. Get creative with chalk to design doors, windows, images and figures in the...
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Learn Fractions Building Blocks


  Product Description: Build a city or just do your math with these blocks or do a little of both. The Fraction blocks have tall skyscrapers and small little buildings, all with windows that are multiples of each other. The tallest skyscraper has 12 windows while the next in size...
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India Blocks - wooden block puzzle


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  Product Description: Wooden blocks for todders, lessons, puzzle and feelings all handcrafted into one. Thirty blocks handmade with love and presented with pride. Made in India, of India for India and the world. Learn about the tallest building still standing without a foundation, or how the rare clouded leopard...
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Monsters galore - Fun book and Stamps combo


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Product Description: Make your own monsters or read about others! A book and box combo with monsters in it. A fun combo of a picture story book that inverts ideas of beauty with a light touch, and monster stamps for you to create your own stories. Six lovable monsters in...
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