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Forest Friends Wooden Stamps Set | Free Shipping - Shumee

Forest Friends Wooden Stamps Set


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creative toys for 3 year olds and toddlers
Product Description:
Let your child visit the jungle whenever they like! The Forest friends stamp set
made of wood for toddlers and preschoolers helps create a jungle of their own.

What I get:
  • A beautifully handcrafted set of six blocks with jungle creature friends for fun and self-expression
  • 1 bottle of coloured child-safe ink.
  • A notebook and a small bag for stamping
How to play
  • Dip the stamps in colors and print images on paper, cloth, gift wrapping and more. Use crayons or colour pencils to add a colourful celebration element to cards and greetings.
  • Create a T shirt to gift or wear with any or all forest friend images
  • Print toddler items (bibs, bags, wipe cloths etc.) with forest friend stamps
  • Multiple ways to play
  • Make your own unique gift wrapping with newspaper and brighten it with Forest friend images in different colours.
  • Print images on card stock to create greeting and thank you cards.
toys for fine motor skill developmentFine motor skills: Fashioned exactly right for small toddler hands to hold. Holding the blocks and printing the images hones fine motor skills.

Let your child’s imagination explore the world of the Haley the Hippo, Fanny the fox, Mello the monkey Olly the owl, Ello the elephant and Leo the lion. Every child will use the stamps, and colours in their own unique way and tell their own story. Using colours, images to create different items, stimulates self- expression.

toys for building creativity in toddlersCreativity: Creating visual images and experimenting with colours develops creativity and innovation. Using different mediums to print on enhances imagination.

Material: They are hand carved on seesham wood with great attention to detail.shumee - ecofriendly toys - made in india -free play toys
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> sanitizing our office & warehouse premises frequently.

> minimizing direct human contact while packing our toys.

> using hand sanitizers and protective masks while handling orders.

> monitoring our staff and giving self-quarantine time off to anyone with symptoms.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great gifts for little kids who are creatively inclined!
Excellent choice for tiny tots
Nice crafting accessory
I love all of your
My kid loves it

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