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Alphabet Toys Combo – Shumee
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Alphabet Toys Combo

₹2,040 ₹1,930

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Product description:
This combo is perfect for a child who is beginning to learn the alphabet. While the blocks make way for open-ended play, the puzzle will hone their cognitive and fine motor skills. Both these toys are ideal for toddlers and preschoolers who are starting to read and make connections between letters, words, and images.

What is in the combo?

Alphabet Building Blocks
13 classic brightly coloured, large wooden blocks with alphabets, numbers, and lovely illustrations.
Animal Alpha Puzzle
A wildlife park-themed alphabet puzzle with large, easy-to-handle pieces made from light-weight cardboard.

What will my child learn?

Moving around the blocks and putting the puzzle pieces in place will hone your child’s fine motor skills.



toys for building communication skills

The blocks will help your child learn the alphabet, learn words with each letter, and even encourage them to spell out words.



toys for problem solving skill development

Learning to identify the alphabets and complete the puzzle will hone their problem solving abilities.



toys for curiosity skill development

The bright colors and gorgeous illustrations on both toys are sure to spark their curiosity and keep them engaged for hours.


toys for creativity skill development

Playing with the blocks in different ways will keep their creativity alight.



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We’re putting safety first!

We’ve put in place every precaution to ensure that toys are packed and shipped in a safe, hygienic environment. We are:

> sanitizing our office & warehouse premises frequently.

> minimizing direct human contact while packing our toys.

> using hand sanitizers and protective masks while handling orders.

> monitoring our staff and giving self-quarantine time off to anyone with symptoms.

Learn more about our measures here.

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