The Good Indian Child’s Guide To Eating Mangoes - by Natasha Sharma

Does a plate of mangoes make you?

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  • Gobble it up alone?

 The book for goody-ness and mango-ness with a touch of madness!

 A book that initiates children into the art of eating India’s favorite fruit while featuring a rather cheeky take on what it means to be a good child. It contains within it an illustrated guide to the different varieties of mangoes and features a fun personality quiz that tells the reader what sort of a mango eater they are. Apt for ages 7 and above, this book is an indispensable part of the mango season and a must-have for fans of the fruit.

What’s the moral of this story?

Moral? Moral! Eat more mangoes and read more books!

The Good Indian Child’s Guide:

What characteristics are required to be a “good” Indian child? In a play on the concept, this series takes things that are intrinsic to India—be they mangoes or cricket—and presents a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the subjects.

Author Bio:

An award-winning children’s books author, Natasha Sharma has published 16 books for children till date. Natasha writes across age groups and formats, from picture books, early chapter books, historical fiction to her new graphic novels. Her poems have also featured in anthologies and course books for schools. Natasha is an MBA with a graduate degree in math and is happiest in her little squiggly corner of writing for children.

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