Kyo and Obi - by Neha Mundhra

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Kyo and Obi is a story about discovering the joy of self-acceptance and being who you are. Kyo, a beagle, and Obi, a mote of dust, through their light-hearted friendship help us to explore our notions about closeness, similarity, and togetherness, while acknowledging our differences, and our innate need to develop a mature, accepting sense of self. Beautifully illustrated in line art and coloured with soy inks, the book tells the story visually and in words.

About the Author
Neha is a content writer and brand storyteller. She is also the author and publisher of Kyo and Obi, her first illustrated storybook that is hand stitched by differently-abled people, and printed on recycled and sun-dried cotton paper, free of wood pulp. Through simplicity of expression and sustainability in book-making, she hopes to speak to compassionate young minds about the values that bring meaning and joy to our life, and that make us human in a unified way—with our world, our environment, and with each other. Neha lives in Mumbai, India.

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