Educational Four Puzzle Combo

Ages 3+

Skills Learned
  • Educational 4 Puzzle combo that helps your child learn while playing. Contains 4 different puzzles
  • Animal Alpha Puzzle: Wildlife park theme alphabet floor puzzle with large, easy to handle pieces made from light- weight cardboard. Teach toddlers and young children about horns, stripes and spots, hippos, feathers and foxes as they learn spatial and fine motor skills.
  • Monster Floor Puzzle: Our largest floor puzzle with 10 different monsters to teach you counting, colours and more and keep your little one engaged for hours. Colorful and light, it will draw little ones over and over again as they learn something new every time. Made from strong cardboard, it is easy to pick up and store. 24 pieces build up to a size of 15"x 24".
  • Farm Puzzle: Bright colourful, lightweight jigsaw farm puzzle perfectly introduces your toddler to the joy of solving puzzles, while teaching about life on the farm. Each piece fits together to form a scene complete with various farm animals, a farmer and his wheelbarrow. Easy to carry.
  • Fruit Puzzle: This simple, lightweight jigsaw puzzle perfectly introduces your toddler to the joy of solving puzzles, while teaching numbers and about fruits. Each piece fits together to form set of luscious fruits Count the bananas or the grapes. See how the pears come apart. Keep your child engaged for hours as the fruit puzzle builds fine motor skills and sharpens creativity and curiosity.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Shumee toys different?

Our thoughtfully crafted, eco-friendly toys made of natural wood & draped in safe, non-toxic water based colours are designed to engage & develop your kids.

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Depending on your location, you can expect to receive the product within 2-7 business days.

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