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Softie Ball

If it rolls like a ball, it looks like a ball and it is to be played with like a ball, it must be a ball. Softie-balls from Shumee. They are perfect for little babies and kids.
Made from soft cotton hosiery material, these balls are hand knitted with a technique called Amigurumi and have a soft cotton filling. Beautifully hand crafted so that each one is unique. Surprise colour combinations. No repeats.*
Stuff a couple in the baby bag or give them to your toddler to play with a bat at home. You need not worry about damages from ball hits. No more fear of dirt on the balls. Throw them in the washing machine and they are as good as new again. Colour fast.
Made of soft cotton cloth and safe for every child. 1 ball per order.
*Colour preferences not guaranteed. 1 ball per order

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