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Ninja Nani & the bumbling burglars by Lavanya Karthik | Free Shipping – Shumee
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Ninja Nani & the bumbling burglars by Lavanya Karthik


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Who’s Yo’ Granny? Deepu wants to watch his favourite show, Ninja Dragon Mori Mori, but someone mean and cranky and scary is hogging the TV! He is grappling with his cranky old grandmother for the remote control, when ZZZZAP!
Suddenly Nani has super ninja powers and is swinging from the ceiling and backflipping across the living room! When Nani disappears out the window, Deepu has to follow. Will Deepu survive this crazy night? Will he end up in a smelly beast’s belly or the little boys’ jail? Or will he become a hostage of the bumbling burglars?

Pages: 112
Age: 5+year
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