Peppa Story Cubes (3-6 years)

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Product Description :

Colourful wooden stacking cubes toy for kids with Peppa and friends Images that help your preschooler build a story with their own personal twist, to enhance self-expression and enable parents to explain complex ideas in simple story form.

What will I get?


Four colourful wooden stacking cubes with Peppa and friends Images that help your Preschooler build a story of “Who, what, when and where” with their own personal twist. Learning tools to accelerate vocabulary building, communication and self-expression

How to play?

  • Create a new story each time by simply stacking the cubes or laying them in a row.
  • Learn words and develop vocabulary describing images.
  • Can be used as blocks and added to other of blocks and stamp sets for creative play.
  • Can be used as a party game with every child making their own stories.
  • Can be played with by teams , with more than one child as part of competitive teams.
What will my child learn?


toys for development of self expression skills

Building stories stimulates verbal skills and enhanced communication as your child articulates what they understand from the world around them. Social skills get a boost with Peppa and friends helping tell stories. Kids can tell their everyday stories or keep building one long one and keep track in the accompanying notebook.

toys for development of creativity skills

Building stories sparks creativity. Role play can help develop imagination.



Helps stimulate the brain through pretend play. Story building facilitates questioning especially on subjects that may be difficult to address directly.


Materials and Dimensions?

Made from Beechwood and colored with child-safe, non-toxic and lead-free paints.

Dimensions of each cube: - 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm 



Peppa Story Cubes (3-6 years)

₹874 (incl. of all taxes)

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