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When Bholu came back - by Kavitha Punniyamurthi

Graa-aaa-aaa-ooo-oon! Every time Beni Ram tries to sell his camel, Bholu promptly trots back. “The villagers use vans now instead of camel-carts.
Nobody wants to give your old man a job anymore,” says a gloomy Beni Ram. But fate has surprising plans for the out-of-luck Beni Ram and his beloved camel...
Author: Kavitha Punniyamurthi is a children’s writer, illustrator and editor. She has written and edited several books for children. Her stories have won awards in pan-India writing contests. Kavitha’s work has also appeared in international magazines and Indian magazines for children. She previously worked as managing editor of a children's publishing house. Kavitha lives in Chennai with her husband and son.
Pages: 24
Age: 5+ year

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