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Tic Tac Toe - On The Go

A great travel game to take on a car, plane or train ride! This cloth and wooden educational-game provides hours of fun on your vacation. Do you want to ride a moon beam or a sun ray? The tic-tac-toe-on-the-go game from Shumee takes you across the starry skies.
Comes with its own cloud bag that also doubles as a board to play the game on. You can play it like a regular tic-tac-toe in the standard format where every player will get three points every time you connect three moons or three suns vertically or horizontally.
On the other side of the bag you have a novel four column format that you can play the game for more points. Keep adding the points till one of the players scores a beam through four of the same coins in the four column format. The player with the maximum points wins!
Builds strategic thinking and imagination. Improves fine motor skills. Provides hours of entertainment.
Made from child safe materials.
Ages: 4+ years

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