Five reasons to buy toys made from natural materials – Earth Day special!

  • Apr 21, 2016
  • Shumee sustainable and safe wooden toys for babies

    We all know that the Earth is a better place for everyone when we use natural materials. This extends to everything in our lives, including the toys we get our children. But apart from being better for the planet, there are many benefits of buying eco-friendly natural toys.

    This Earth Day, let's look at five excellent reasons to choose natural wooden toys over plastic ones. If you're on the fence while toy shopping, we hope these clear up some doubts and help!

    1. Children chew toys!

    Children, especially babies, explore everything with their mouths. Plastic toys, especially cheap ones made with little regard to safety, can cause irreparable harm to their developing minds and bodies. Plastic toys tend to contain toxic chemicals like Biphenyl A and phthalates which are known endocrine disrupters associated with birth defects, autoimmune disease, neurological and reproductive damage. A wooden toy is a safe and harmless alternative! 

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    2. Buying organic toys is a way to support small businesses and big dreams.

    Toys made from natural materials are usually made by local artisans and support small businesses. Not only will you help keep a tradition alive, you will find that each handmade toy has its own little quirkiness that is missing in mass produced plastic toys. Every piece is unique, made with a lot of love and care, and your child will be able to feel the difference!

    3. Wooden toys are safer, durable, and easier to fix.

    It's easy to pick plastic toys as sometimes wooden toys can appear expensive. But keep in mind that in the long run, wooden toys last longer, can be easily mended, and are often passed down for generations. Not only that, but they are charming, aesthetically pleasing, and many easily become collectables.

    4. Wooden and cloth toys have less harmful impact on the environment.

    As we've discussed, wooden toys last longer. Wooden and cloth toys are also renewable and biodegradable in nature, which not only make them safer for babies and toddlers, but great for the environment too! 

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    5. Natural toys are a good way to reduce your carbon footprint.

    Landfills are full of plastic toys that take hundreds of years to degrade, while leaking toxic chemicals into the soil. Buying natural wooden toys for babies and toddlers will help you reduce your carbon footprint and instil values of sustainable living in your little ones. When you buy local, you also reduce your carbon foot print by reducing transportation and logistical costs. This added bonus that simple toys bring is a priceless gift to the whole planet!

    In addition to eco-friendly toys, you can also help the planet by taking simple steps like conserving water, planting trees, and thinking of the impact on the environment in your daily activities. Let us all pledge to make the earth a better place for everyone. Happy Earth day!

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