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Wooden Table-Top 3-in-1 drawing Board


Toy of the Week: We are celebrating this bestseller all week long! Take it home at a cool 20% OFF for ₹1756. Discount automatically applied at checkout. Offer on till Sunday only  Product Description: Make childhood doodles more fun and packed with creativity with this 3-in-1 Drawing board! What will I get?...
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Activity Triangle


   Product Description: A five-sided wooden Shumee Activity Triangle that promises hours of fun for toddlers as they explore the alphabet, numbers, patterns, and more.  What will I get?  Five-sided wooden triangle with letters and pictures on one side. Abacus with brightly coloured beads on the second side.  Clock with...
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Build A Chair DIY Set


Product Description: Every toddlers' and pre-schoolers' first do-it-yourself project! It’s time to get hands-on and create your own furniture with the Build A Chair DIY set! What will I get?  12 Beechwood and Ivory wood pieces to construct a bright and colourful Shumee tools Chair. Extra planks to help the child...
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Mini Bowling Pins Set


  Product Description: 1-2-3 bowl them down! This adorable classic game gets a modern day wooden makeover!  What will I get?  6 wooden bowling pins 1 wooden ball Small bag to store the pins in How to play? Stack them up and roll as many pins as you can down!...
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Butterfly Balance Board


Product Description: Watch and marvel at your child’s balance and coordination on this adorable butterfly balance board. What will I get? A brightly coloured kids balance board; made with sturdy wood.  Colored with safe, water based paints. safe and eco-friendly option for your kids. How to play? Balance and rock...
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Build-a-house - Mandarin

₹1,495 ₹1,121

Get this toy at  15% Off for Rs. 1345 only. Use code SHOP10 during chckout. Hurry, Limited Period offer! Online shopping for wooden dollhouse for your little ones? You have come to the right place! A house or a castle or a way to explore the world? Shumee brings you a hot...
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Peppa Pig FamJam Card Game


Product Description: A complete set of 48 children card game from Peppa’s world featuring the Pig, Rabbit, Wolf, Dog, Zebra, and Elephant families that helps build imagination, develop communication skills and stimulate curiosity through engaging play. What do I get? 48 brightly coloured Sturdy cards with the images of Peppa...
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Shape and Number House


Product Description: Shapes, numbers and so much colour – all built into this tiny little play house! What will I get?  Toolbox shape toys house with six panels Three wooden bars and screws Nine wooden pieces 0-9 numeral pieces How to play?  Build the house and drop the shapes and...
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Peppa Pig's Shape Sorting Board


Product Description: A Peppa pig puzzle and shape sorting board in one! Watch your child sort shapes and solve a puzzle as they develop visual acuity, spatial ability and hand eye coordination as they have fun. What will I get? A puzzle board with multi-colored varied shape blocks that fit...
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Activity Walker


Product Description: Your baby’s first steps will be even more memorable with this ergonomically designed, multi-activity Wooden Baby Walker. What will I get? Musical Baby walker with wooden xylophone, clock with numbers and hands, grooves to move and glide shapes, multi-coloured gears and a bead maze. Spacious storage basket at...
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Storage Bin - Furso

₹875 ₹656

  Product Description: Let this monster take care of your storage woes. If your everyday needs are running away from you, this is the bin you need. It can hold what is needed everyday from books to toys to clothes and more. Made from Canvas with Hardwood lining, this little...
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Shells and Stars Wall Organizer

₹1,150 ₹862

Product Description: Stars and shells and fish and bits - This organizer will hold many small essentials so that you don't have to go on a fishing expedition for them. To keep safety pins safe, or to keep prescriptions and notes handy; this is perfect to keep little odds and...
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Colorful Clutch Ball for babies


Product Description: A colorful sensory ball just right for your little bundle of sunshine. Soft and squishy, with little rattles inside to hold the baby's attention as they hold them. Cleverly segmented for better clutch for those tiny hands. Perfect to roll or throw slowly for the baby to chase...
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Peppa Pig Carnival Memory Game


Product Description: A travel-friendly interactive memory enhancing carnival game for kids with a fun Peppa pig Carnival theme.  Watch them play at parties or playdates for hours  as they improve memory capacity, self-awareness, communication skills, social skills and self-confidence. What do I get?  9 pairs  of colourful circular discs with...
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Peppa vs George Tic Tac Toe


Product Description: A wooden handcrafted Tic Tac Toe board game with bright colourful Peppa and George coins that facilitates problem solving skill learning and enhances fine motor skills for your preschooler.  Offers hours of entertainment for children and adults! What do I get? A lightweight sturdy tic tac toe board...
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Ice Cream Magnetic Set


   Product Description: Cool pretend play ice-cream set for children to have unlimited fun with. One cone, one cup, one bar and one lolly. Mix and match flavors, cones and toppings. Now kids can enjoy ice cream whether it is hot or cool outside. Magnets on both sides of...
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Lil Chef's Wooden Cooking Set


Product Description: Perfect pretend play miniature cooking set for your perfect little chef! A wooden toy kitchen set that mimics the kitchen. Bright and colourful. Finely crafted pot and pan with a lid, plate and bowl, spoon, ladle, and fruits and vegetables can be used as teaching props for nutrition...
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Storage Bin - Octopus pod

₹875 ₹656

 Product Description: Put all your everyday needs into the Pod and watch the Octopus hold on to it all. This bin is going to be Mama's and baby's best friend. It can hold what is needed everyday from books to toys to clothes and more. Made from canvas with a...
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Pirates vs Royals Wooden Chess Set


Product Description: Traditional chess gets a quirky, colourful update! We've made a version that's great fun and kid-friendly, with Royals and Pirates battling it out for treasure. The chess pieces double as standalone toys that your child can use to act out fantasy games of lost kingdoms and adventures at...
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Clock 3D Jigsaw Puzzle


Get this toy at  10% Off for Rs. 1075 only. Use code SHOP10 during checkout. Hurry, Limited Period offer! Colourful and bright, 17 pieces 3D toy clock for toddlers, complete with an hour and minute hands. Learn to tell time, use as time-keeper or display fully assembled to brighten up...
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Build A City Wooden Set


Product Description: Watch your child turn into a city planner! Carefully designed pieces allow children to express themselves by creating highways, gardens, cityscapes, or any scene they like. Four rectangular and four quarter-circle boards that can be assembled in any way your child wants to create a new scene each...
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Wobbly Penguin - Roly Poly Toys for Toddlers


Product Description: Wobbly Penguin roly poly toy for baby, in a black suit, that teaches your baby about balance and evokes curiosity as it provides hours of entertainment. What I get: A penguin that wobbles all the way from the Arctic and rolls but never falls down no matter how...
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Musical Animal Activity Truck


Product Description: Make some noise and pull along a truck full of animals! This collection of classic toys will be your child's new favorite!  What will I get?  A beautifully crafted wooden truck with pull along feature. Attached xylophone on the roof of the truck with two mallets to give...
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Sandwich and Burger Wooden Set


Product Description: Prepare your favorite burgers and sandwiches with an order of fries, just the way you like them! Burger-bread sandwich set from Shumee lets your child make the perfect burger or sandwich their way, for pretend play. Let your child put a quick meal together in anyway they like....
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Jungle Safari Teepee Tent


Product Description: Go wild with the cute animal print play tent for toddlers, babies & preschoolers that you can pitch indoors or out. Made with strong durable organic cotton materials and bamboo poles that can be removed for storage and for washing. Great for pretend play and stimulating imagination in...
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Wooden Rocking Horse


Wooden Rocking Horse is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Product Description: Lakdi ki kathi, kathi pe ghoda… This childhood favourite will give you all the nostalgic feels as you watch your child spend hours with their new favourite toy! What will I get?  A wooden rocking horse with a broad seat, backrest, and footrest. Specially designed rubber sliders prevent...
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Alphabet Building Blocks


Product Description: The best multitasking wooden alphabet blocks for toddlers ever; build words or build towers, or you can do both. These unique wooden blocks are great for starting out for toddlers and can graduate into reading blocks for the school goers. Let your child build a towering vocabulary on...
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Dino Mosaic Puzzle

₹825 ₹618

  Product Description: Get this toy at  10% Off for Rs. 742 only. Use code SHOP10 during checkout. Hurry, Limited Period offer! A dinosaur that can change colours! Get a Dino from shumee and make your own patterns on a wooden dinosaur back! Keep your munchkin engaged for hours with...
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Toddler Tangram Chinese Puzzle (7 pcs)


  Product Description: Seven shapes, but endless possibilities! The ancient Chinese puzzle is no more apt than for the growth of a bright new mind. These fabric toys are made from soft organic cotton. Tiny tot's tangrams are perfect for little ones to play with and explore. The puzzle of...
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Beginner's Wooden Sudoku


˘Product Description: Introduce Sudoku to your child even before they can read or know numbers. Sudoku is a puzzle game having a grid of little boxes. Here you can make your own cells, either vertically or horizontally, with the little square and circular chips that have pretty patterns and cute...
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ninjaKi - a balancing game


  Product Description: Wooden educational balance game of skill that hones mental and physical agility. Test your ability to skillfully balance these agile ninjas atop one another to form a tower. Ninjaki, which is made of wood, should not topple so you get your points. Each ninja has a skill and...
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Bunny Table and Chair Set-Yellow


Product Description: The perfect sized table and chairs for your little ones to do as they wish! An art project or a favorite card game, or just a puzzle. Smooth edges and no sharp corners. Easy to seat themselves on and off the chair without fear of falling from a height. Bright lovely...
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Shumee takes pride in bringing you handmade wooden toys that are 100% safe, free from toxic paints, plastics and batteries so that your child can have fun in the healthiest possible way!

We have re-invented the traditional Indian wooden toys to provide the perfect amalgamation of older wisdom and modern needs for your little ones.

These handmade toys are crafted by veteran artisans of Channapatna who have been immersed in this art of creating traditional Indian wooden toys for generations.

By purchasing our handmade wooden toys, you are not only bringing happiness to your kids, but supporting a lot of these artisans' families too.

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