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Rainbow Spinner


Product Description:This rainbow spinner is the perfect Montessori toy for a baby learning to move their hands and see in colours. The easy operation, fun motion, and bright colors are sure to make it an instant hit with your little one!What will I get?A smooth handcrafted wooden spinning drum with...
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Favorite Wooden Rattles Combo

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Get your favorite shumee rattles together in this combo and fill up your newborn’s toybox! This combo comes with an adorable ele plush rattle, a wooden ele rattle, and a crochet shaker. It’s everything you will need to hone your baby’s motor and sensory skills! What is in the combo?Ele...
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Crochet Fruits Set


Product Description: A fruit salad to play with! Five colourful, popular fruits. An apple, a pear, a banana, grapes and an orange. Great for pretend play. Familiarize your little ones with different fruits and build healthy eating habits. Teach real-life skills and first skills with the soft hand crocheted fruits...
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Colorful Clutch Ball for babies


Product Description: A colorful sensory ball just right for your little bundle of sunshine. Soft and squishy, with little rattles inside to hold the baby's attention as they hold them. Cleverly segmented for better clutch for those tiny hands. Perfect to roll or throw slowly for the baby to chase...
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High Contrast Black & White Flash Cards for Newborns


Product Description:Three sets of gorgeously illustrated double-sided black and white flashcards for your growing baby. The cards are designed to help your baby gradually recognize form, pattern, and color over their first few months. They are wonderful to support your baby’s growth and encourage parent-child bonding! What will I get?Set...
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Baby Giraffe Rattle and Teether


Product Description:An adorable giraffe-shaped rattle with a teething ring made of safe organic material. The cute plush toy with warm colours could easily make this your baby’s favourite bedtime toy! Perfect for tiny, clutching hands. What will I get?- A giraffe-shaped rattle made of organic cotton that creates a soothing...
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Montessori Gobbi Mobile


Product Description: A Montessori toy that your baby will love! This light-weight mobile made of pastel crochet balls is perfect to grab your baby’s attention, encourage play, and hone their sight. The mobile is also a wonderful toy to calm your child and soothe them to sleep. What will I...
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Sunshine Baby Gym with Rainbow Plush Toys


Product Description: A little world of play for your baby with a safe and organic wooden baby gym, lovely mat, and set of rainbow plush toys. This baby gym is perfect to develop your child’s sensory and motor skills and to stimulate endless curiosity and wonder! What will I get?...
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