Busy with Diwali? 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged!

  • Nov 06, 2023
  • Busy with Diwali? 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged!

    Getting gift hampers ready? 
    Decorating the house with lights? 
    Shopping for the whole family? 
    Making mithai? 

    There is no denying just how much there is to do during Diwali! But, as a parent of a toddler or a curious preschooler we also need to factor how to keep our child engaged while we prep for the festival. Here are a few ways we keep our kids engaged. Write in and tell us if these tips helped, or share your own tips! 

    Give the gift of love! Pick toys you know your child will love with shumee's curated gift boxes 

    Pretend play & Storytelling with Ramayana toys


    What better time to introduce your child to mythology than during Diwali! Tell them the story of Ram and Ravan and watch them play pretend with their Ramayana peg dolls. 

    Set them a task with DIY Chair Set 

    While you prepare the house for Diwali, why not set them something they can be responsible for too! Setting a task and allowing them to finish the task on their own gives your child a sense of ownership of the task and drives them to finish the task. 

    Shumee's DIY Chair set is perfect for this! Have them build the chair and use it to showcase a lamp on Diwali!  

    Draw Rangolis together with 3-in-1 Drawing Board

    Drawing beautiful rangolis outside the house is such an integral part of celebrating Diwali! Why not let your child unleash their creativity and practice these beautiful designs with you! Shumee's 3-in-1 Drawing board lets your child experiment with chalk, markers, or with colour pencils as they attempt to make a design just as beautiful and intricate as yours! 

    Cook up a storm for guests with Lil Chef Cooking Set

    Diwali is a time for family and friends to get together and festivals are all about food! If you are planning to cook up a storm, why not have your little sous chef next to you? With shumee's Lil Chef Cooking set, encourage your child to whip up something special for Diwali. Gives them a chance to watch and emulate and allows them to pretend play too! 

    Set out mithai with Wooden Dessert set

    What's Diwali without mithai! While you set delicious mithai out for family and friends, introduce your favourite mithai to your child and have them set out a plate too! Design and decorate a plate and display choicest mithai for visiting friends and family. Shumee's Wooden Dessert Set has cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more! 

    Want more ideas? Try this adorable DIY fizzy diya idea! 


    Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous Diwali from Team shumee! 



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