How to digital detox this summer vacation!

  • May 03, 2018
  • How to digital detox this summer vacation!

    Digital Detox...

    You have heard about it, read about it and even see it near you at times; but what can you do about it?

    Digital detox is no longer just a fancy term reserved for the techies.

    It is something that everyone in the present must undergo so that they can shake off the effects of the virtual world and get rooted in reality.

    Why is digital detox important for kids

    Internet Addiction Syndrome is a well-recognized and documented issue that plagues everyone and the younger you are, the easier it is to be mesmerized by digital screens.

    Late night screen usage can affect sleep hormones, and lack of sleep, in turn, can affect the day after at school, at play and studies.

    There is also the issue of low self-esteem that social media has been linked to in older children and even adults.

    How can you help to unplug

    Summer vacations are fun times, but they are also the time you have to keep the children inside, at least till the sun and the heat is less threatening.

    So how can you have fun without touching a screen?

    Share chores

    Yes, yes, we know that chores do not sound interesting, but little ones are happy to emulate you and feel adult. If that bookshelf needs order, your little assistant can help.

    Make-up stories

    You can let your imagination match theirs and make up the most fantastic stories. Children are yet unspoilt by reality and enjoy making up stories.

    Join them in this and tell each other stories that can be your own.

    Make-up games

    While it is fun to play by the rules, you can take a game and make it your own. Take the towering yogis and try and do all the poses.

    See who is most flexible or can hold the pose for longest.

    Art for the heart

    If you ever wish to indulge in art that will not be judged, this is the time. Take stamps for kids, take paints, brushes and pencils and make something fun.

    Body art is even more fun when it is by chance.

    Splash away

    You may not have access to a pool inside the house, but you do have tubs in the bathroom.

    Fill it with water and float some fun toys in it. It is cool and safe within the confines of your home and under your supervision.

    Chef it out

    Cooking is a great skill to have and while babies are too young to learn cooking itself, get them interested in the craft by giving them a cooking set toy and a few ingredients like dough to roll out.

    You will get a head start on teaching them a requisite skill and have fun too.

    Animal tales

    Observe a bird from the window, watch a small ant or even a little spider scurrying away. It is a great experience!

    Forest friends

    Trees and plants are ecosystems that we rarely pay any attention to. Observe a tree, examine a leaf and its veins, colours of the leaf and so on.

    It is exciting and fun too.

    You can also find your own things to do as long as you stay away from screens. This summer have fun and set yourself free from screens.

    You might have the time of your life!


    All stories are fantastic. Show your cooking skills in chef stories and examine all ingredients. Thanks for sharing importance of digital detox.


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