Janmashtami - Themed Learning Activities You Must Try With The Kids!

  • Aug 21, 2019
  • Janmashtami or the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna is just around the corner, and it is a perfect time to involve young kids in learning activities. You could use the story of the festival to create theme-based activities and encourage your child to participate. This way, they get in on all the action, don’t feel left out when grown-ups are busy with chores and learn a few skills while they have fun!

    Krishna is already quite a favorite with the kids, especially when you regale them with stories of his childhood. So here is a list of Janmashtami-themed learning activities for your child.

    1. Lining Up Dahi Handis (3+ years)

    When you talk of celebrating Janmashtami, can dahi handis be far behind? Draw and cut out dahi handis from colorful card stock paper and decorate them with designs. Now here is how you can use them.

    • Punch a tiny hole at the top and string them together. This is a great way to practice fine motor skills and will have your preschooler curious and excited to string pots together.
    • Use these handis to teach numbers and to do a visual counting exercise. Place a number and ask your preschooler to “stack” that many handis.
    • You could even add glitter and sequins and ask your child to decorate the dahi handis in time for the evening festivities!
    1. Shh… Krishna’s walking in! (4+ years)

    This is a really fun way to show your children that Krishna is coming home to celebrate his birthday. Mix a little rice powder in water and create a loose paste. Then make a fist and dip the side of your fist into the rice solution and then on the floor close to your front door. Once you have created an impression, use your fingertips to create toe prints. Voila! You have baby Krishna’s footprints! Encourage your children to do the same. For very young kids, simply dip their feet in the solution and let them walk!

    1. Dressing Up Krishna (3+ years)


    Look at any picture of Krishna, and you can see he wears several accessories. Encourage your kids to remember the accessories. Make sure to have a peacock feather, a flute, a crown, a garland, a pot of butter, etc. Now you can cut them out and give your child a picture of Krishna and ask them to stick the accessories on.

    1. Sensory play in the kitchen! (3+ years)

    With festivities, can food be far behind? Why not get your kids involved as you mix up a huge pot of buttermilk? Let them help with the churning and taste as they go. Involve your kid in small ways as you make the Prasad for the festival. Break nuts and dry fruits into small pieces, making small portions of flattened rice are all excellent ways for kids to learn with their hands.

     These activities are sure to help you set the tone for Janmashtami! Get creative, ensure your crafts are colorful, and your child will love learning as they have fun. Every parent loves a fun, teaching activity, and if you have any you enjoy doing with your kids, make sure to write in and tell us.

    Happy Janmashtami everyone!


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