Kids' gifting made easy: birthday and return gift ideas

  • Feb 07, 2022
  • Kids' gifting made easy: birthday and return gift ideas

    Puzzles, board games, blocks, toy cars, kitchen sets, dolls – if you are shopping for a gift for a child, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and get lost in this maze. 

    To help you out, we’ve put together a comprehensive kids' gifting guide. In this blog, we will walk you through factors to consider while giving a gift and appropriate options according to a child’s age and your budget. We even have some freebies and fun return gift ideas for kids’ birthday parties, so make sure you read until the end! Are you ready to begin exploring?

    Buying the perfect gift for a kid 

    Whether you are an adult, a teenager, or a toddler, the best gifts are those selected especially for you. Here are a few important points to consider while searching for useful and exciting gifts for kids: 

    1. Child's age: Children enjoy toys that engage their current skill sets while pushing them to the next level in their development. Remember, even a few months of age difference matters when shopping for babies and toddlers. 

    For example, according to their visual development, a newborn may prefer black and white toys, a three-month old may like toys in primary colours, and a six-month-old may enjoy more colourful toys. If you know what the child has started to do, like standing with support, grabbing things, or talking, even better! 

     Did you know that you can gift a subscription to a shumee Box of Play? Each thoughtfully curated box helps a child meet key age milestones!

    2. Child's interests: Some kids like to make sounds, some like to move about, and others like getting cozy with a good book and a plush toy. Before you begin shopping, ask about the child’s interests and inclinations so you know which track to follow. If you can, dig deeper and find out their favourite colour, animal, and cartoon character!

    3. Price point: Consider factors like your relation to the child, the occasion, and how much you feel comfortable spending at the moment while setting a budget. For instance, you may want to get a child a big birthday gift and something smaller for Diwali. Allow yourself to fix your budget with zero guilt since a perfect gift is also something that feels easy for you to give.

    Gifts for kids by age and price 

    Gifts for babies

    Budget picks: Rattles and Teethers are one of the best gifts for newborns as they are affordable, adorable, and hone sensory and motor skills. A soft and cute Waldorf Doll is also an amazing gift, as this could easily become a child’s comfort object. If you are putting together a gift package, our beautifully illustrated Milestone Cards would be a lovely addition. 

    Unique picks: Since babies spend most of their time in a crib, toys such as Black and White Flash Cards or a Montessori Gobbi Mobile make excellent gifts. One of the most special gifts you can give a baby is a Play Gym, as this will open up a whole new world for a child to explore!

    Gifts for toddlers

    Budget picks: A toddler’s curiosity and rapidly developing cognitive and motor skills make them super fun to buy gifts for! From different types of Play Blocks to Lacing and Shape Sorting games, each toy is a chance for them to indulge their curiosity and level up. They will also love a Cuddly Buddy, as these are designed especially by and for toddlers!

    Unique picks: The Rocking Horse is a must-have toy for a child getting used to motion. For a little one learning to walk, we recommend our Multi-Activity Musical Baby Walker. While a Pikler Triangle will help a toddler move about and exert their independence, our Activity Triangle will help them learn alphabets and counting!

    Buying toys for a one-year-old? Click here to find out how children play at this age.

    Gifts for preschoolers and older children

    Budget picks: Imagination is a huge part of a preschooler’s life. So any Pretend Play Toy that helps them recreate their surroundings will be an instant hit! As they grow, Card Games and Puzzles could provide cognitive stimulation, and Stamps and Drawing Boards will help nurture their creativity. 

    Unique picks: Preschoolers will love a Balance Board and will find endless ways to play with it! For older children, unique Board Games, a collector’s Chess Set, or tabletop Balancing Games are all wonderful options.

    Return gifts ideas for kids's birthday parties

    We all know that one of the best parts of attending a birthday party as a child is the return gift! While getting return gifts is exciting for kids, as parents, it can be challenging to find just the right something to send back with your little guests. 

    Tips for picking return gifts for kids’ birthday parties: Select a variety of return gifts for kids according to their ages. If you have children from the ages of five to ten attending a party, have at least two sets of gifts. Kids are sure to show each other their presents, so keep all the gifts as similar as possible. And since your guests may have varying interests, we recommend going with toys that will be easy hits. 

    Here's a list of fun, age-appropriate, and affordable birthday return gifts for kids:

    1. Tops

    Tops are timeless toys that children of all ages will love! A set of our tops will give you three, which you can separate into different packages, with a slice of leftover cake and a thank you note. 

    2. Knick Knack Pouches

    Small, funky pouches are another great return gift idea for kids. Fill these up with candy and colourful stationary and they become a whole package on their own!

    3. Colouring Mats

    Kids are always looking for a chance to exert their creativity. Enter our themed colouring mats! For smaller parties, you could gift one set of four mats to a child. If many kids will be attending, add one mat to each package along with some colour pencils or crayons. You could even hand these out during the party as an activity and let the kids know that they can take their mats home!

    How about adding some fun Activity Sheets to your return gift bags? Discover free age-appropriate Activity Sheets here

    4. Card Games

    Games like Snap Cards and Memory Cards are not just fun, but also educational. Cards are a terrific return gift idea for kids because they can use it for years, come up with different games, and enjoy playing together!

    5. Lacing Boards

    For younger kids, a lacing board could be a fantastic return gift. These boards are budget-friendly, attractive, and will be a huge help in developing a preschooler’s creative and fine motor skills! 

    6. Books

    Of course, any list of return gift ideas would be incomplete without mentioning good ol’ books! Children and parents both love books. They are also one of the most affordable, versatile, and valuable gifts you can give a child.

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