Why every toddler needs a Montessori Learning Tower

  • Dec 22, 2021
  • Why every toddler needs a Montessori Learning Tower

    If your child has started walking, do they now try to reach for the bookshelf, the sink, or your kitchen counter? 

    To a little one who can finally move on their own, the world is filled with endless possibilities! But as a parent, you are probably being cautious about how and where you let them move about, and for good reason. A toddler who is still perfecting their motor skills has a long way to go before they can comfortably reach higher spaces and manipulate objects. 

    But what if there was a way to encourage your child’s desire to explore in a safe and stress-free environment? Think of a piece of furniture that gives your toddler the independence to do things on their own, while also offering you a chance to bond with them.

    This is what a Montessori learning tower is!

    What exactly is a Montessori Learning Tower?

    A Montessori learning tower is a piece of furniture created for toddlers. It goes by many names including Montessori tower, toddler tower, tot tower, and kitchen helper. This tower is designed as a child-safe stool with a couple of steps, panels all around, and railings for your child to hold as they climb up and down.  

    A Montessori tower is far more secure than a chair, stool, or ladder since it is covered from all sides. It is also more versatile as it is designed for children to stand on for longer periods of time, allowing them to do simple tasks. 

    How this tower fits into a Montessori playroom:

    A Montessori playroom is filled with toys and other materials that stimulate experimentation in children. These materials are simple, functional, and self-motivated, which allows a child to progress at their own pace. These are also made from natural substances so that the child can enjoy exploring different textures.

    Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, a learning tower is created to encourage exploration. Your toddler can easily climb it and access higher spaces like the sink, kitchen counter, or book shelves. Being able to do so will let them wash their hands, help you in the kitchen, or take the toys and books they want. With the help of this tower, they will find new ways to enjoy their independence each day!

    What are the uses of a Montessori Tower? 

    A Montessori tower can be used in different ways in various rooms across the house. While we believe that children can always come up with a new way to use the structure, here are a few common uses:

    In the kitchen: As one of the tower’s names ‘kitchen helper’ may imply, the kitchen is where your child will likely make the most use of this furniture. Younger toddlers can climb on it to help you with simple tasks such as washing fruits and veggies, mixing curries, or stirring batter.

    As they grow older, they could use it to place dishes in the sink, roll dough, and even make simple dishes such as sandwiches on their own!

    In the bathroom: In the bathroom, you can position this tower near the sink to help your child climb up and brush their own teeth. You could also put it in place whenever they have to rinse their mouth or wash their hands during the day.

    In the playroom:
    Place the tower in your child's playroom to help them climb safely and access books and toys on higher shelves. Don’t be surprised if your little one finds ways to include this piece of furniture as a prop in their pretend play! 

    Benefits of the Montessori Tower

    1. Improves fine motor skills: Climbing the tower and helping you with tasks such as washing veggies and mixing batter will improve your child’s fine motor skills. 

    2. Hones gross motor skills: Climbing up and down the tower will also develop their leg and arm muscles.

    3. Builds independence: Being able to access spaces on their own and picking up life skills along the way will give them a sense of freedom, independence, and security.

    4. Sparks creativity: A Montessori tower will make many more spaces around the house accessible for your child. This new room for exploration and play will surely spark their imagination and creative thinking!

    5. Offers quality time: Your child will love to sit in the tower and observe you as you go about your day. This will give you a chance to bond and make priceless memories together!

    6. Teaches order and cleanliness: The tower will help them easily keep their books and toys back and wash their hands and dirty dishes. These simple tasks will teach them about the importance of being neat and tidy from a young age. 

    What makes the shumee Montessori Learning Tower special?


    We at shumee are proud to offer a multi-functional Montessori Learning Tower that doubles as a chair and a table! Our Montessori tower is the first of its kind in India as it is made of strong and sturdy high quality birch wood that adults can easily carry but children cannot move on their own. Some of its other features include:

    1. The shumee Montessori Learning Tower is intuitively designed, which means that your child will know how to climb on and use it with minimal instructions!

    2. The tower is also ergonomically designed so that the first step is the perfect height for toddlers and the top is the exact height of a standard kitchen counter.

    3. It has smooth round bars that provide excellent grip for your child to hold as they climb. The bars also bind the tower from all sides, making it completely safe for them to stand on.

    4. The adorable bear face on the tower is sure to make it relatable and an instant hit with any little one!

    5. Open up the hinges and turn the tower into a table and a chair! This will let your child sit next to you and do their own thing or even observe you as you work. The seat is broad enough for toddlers to easily balance on and it even has a footrest for them to stay comfortable.

    6. The back of the tower is also a chalkable surface where your child can draw and get creative!

    What is the right age to use a Montessori Learning Tower?

    You can start using a Montessori learning tower as soon as your child can walk on their own. While most Montessori experts recommend using this tower from 18 months, they also agree that as long as you supervise its use, the tower can be safe for slightly younger children too. 

    Typically, it can be used until a child is 4 or 5 years old. Once your child grows out of it, you can pass it on to their siblings or friends. This piece of furniture is durable and created to be a memorable part of any childhood journey!

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