What children learn from play!

  • Mar 29, 2018
  • What children learn from play!

    Kids are flexible – not just their bodies, but their minds and habits as well.

    So what do you need to do if you want them to know about something, and adopt it into their everyday lives even as they grow up?

    Simple- Just expose them to that in a playful manner.

    You expose them to science and art and sports, nature and more every day.

    Any parent will vouch that children are most receptive to anything when they are at play.

    When they enjoy what they do, they are open to learning more about it.

    When children are in a structured classroom environment, they are able to absorb less as they chafe at the restrictions a formal class places on them.

    However, every parent knows that to learn something and adopt it into a routine needs discipline and a structure as well.

    Especially something that needs to be done with precision and care, like Yoga.

    We all know that when taught from the right age, Yoga can improve concentration, memory, build better bodies from the inside out and so much more.

    Remember: Rome was not built in a day

    So how does one get that perfect bow from a child?

    To begin with, we must understand that perfection was not built in a day or even a month and maybe not even in a year.

    All of us are growing and learning as we go along. For children, the learning is especially more important.

    So while Rome might not have been built in a day, we can scatter the bricks around and hope that the idea to build will come in time.

    How to make sure kids learn from play

    Get them kids' activity toys, books, and playthings that encourage them to explore and discover for themselves.

    You get them play blocks or alphabet blocks and they will play at building, you get them puzzle toys for kids and they will figure out spatial details and problem-solving.

    You get them a tent and they could discover the great outdoors, a lifetime love of it.

    Toys like ninjaki and towering yogis are not just about building the highest towers or balancing one figure atop another.

    They could divert your little one’s mind from Chinese martial arts, history, and pagodas to yoga, fitness and ancient Indian mythology.

    It will not happen on day one, but these toys also become tools and references to stories and by association lead to other discoveries in time and with the right age.

    Bending like a bow might mean just balancing it at the bottom of the set initially, but might also lead to imitation and learning.

    Encourage your child to free play and watch them discover for themselves.

    You may even be surprised when they surpass all you had in mind for them and do something completely new, in their own way! 

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