The shumee sleep primer. Building bed-time bonds.

  • Mar 14, 2016
  • The Shumee Sleep Primer to build the bed time bonds

    The Shumee Sleep Primer to build the bed time bonds

    A for ATTENTION we must pay to sleep.

    B  is for BODY that needs sleep for upkeep.

    C for CONCENTRATION to learn what you want.

    D is for DOZING off to sleep the right amount.

    E for ENERGY that bounds with sleeping right,

    F for FOCUS to keep things in sight.

    G is for GROWTH to make you big and strong,

    H is for good HEALTH, so nothing goes wrong.

    Sleep helps the mind and body of your kids to rest and focus

    I for IMMUNITY, to battle all the bugs,

    J is for JOYFUL,  healthy hugs.

    K is for KEEN that sleep makes your brain,

    L is for LEARNING sleep makes easy to obtain.

    M is for MARVEL, how sleep repairs everything,

    N is for NURTURE that every nap-time brings.

    O OBSERVE it for your-self,

    P for great POTENTIAL that we see in every little elf.

    Q is for QUICK, that a rested body makes you,

    R ROBUST in whatever you do.

    S SHARP is what a well-rested brain feels,

    T THINKING bright thoughts, to sharp brain appeals.

    U is for UPBEAT, what you feel when you sleep well,

    V for VALUABLE to every bone and cell.

    Bath and book before bed time leads to good sleep for kids

    W is for WHOLE, sleep affects the body and the brain,

    X is for X X crossing off ill health, aches and pain.

    Y is for YUMMY food, the better to digest,

    Z is for ZEST for life, after good a good night’s rest.

    Bed time builds great bonds between you and your little one. Tell us about your experiences with sleep with your little ones. 

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