Make some great memories this winter.

  • Dec 15, 2015
  • The best way to celebrate the festive season is with happy, healthy kids. But the cold season sometimes can also be the cold and flu season. It can also mean some boredom in the house as the days are short and confine kids indoors.

     Here are some tips for happy healthy children in winter-

    • Dress for winter- This might seem easy but with the warmer days ad sudden cold that descends at times it is a bit harder than it appears. Also children can lose track of how hot or how cold they are when they are engaged in any activity.
    • Layer clothes – Rather than one thick sweater or jacket, layers of clothes of varying thickness will help navigate the changes in temperature better. The air trapped within the layers also acts as insulation. And the best thing is you can change just the top layer in case of spills and stains in the day.
    • Moisturize – Children have sensitive skin and even the cold winter air can make it dry and chafed. Use a good quality moisturizer, preferably without strong scents. Baby oils or even pure oils like olive and coconut will do the trick.

    Moisturize your kids this winter - Shumee


    • Sunlight – It is the best way to keep the bio-rhythms going properly and ensuring that children sleep soundly and wake up at regular times. Take a walk in the park, or let them play in the terrace or garden every day.
    • Stay hydrated – Winter cold often means less thirst, but it is very essential to take in fluids and stay hydrated. Water is always the best source but warm drinks like cocoa, chocolate milk etc. help.
    • Nutrition – Good food helps the body fight disease and improves immunity. Fruits, nuts, proteins and vegetables are very essential throughout the year, but more so in winter when the body is trying to keep warm and fight the flu and other infections.
    • Exercise – Being cooped up at home due to shorter days may lead to inactivity. Children must be encouraged to indulge in free play and physical activity. Running, jumping and playing on toys like the balance bike, or butterfly balance board etc. will keep them fighting fit.

    Winter also provides many opportunities for you to snuggle together as a family and read books and tell stories. You can also keep them engaged and happy with cooking lessons (there are always age appropriate ways to involve kids, even if it just means letting then handle some dough).

    Make some great memories this winter - Shumee

    So let the good times roll. Make happy healthy memories this winter.

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