Uncover your child's super-power this festive season.

  • Dec 24, 2015
  • If your child has ever wondered what it would be like to have a secret super-hero power, here is a chance to find out. True super power is about making others happy and the festive season is a good time to teach your child to explore that power.

    The true spirit of the festive season is about giving and receiving, no matter what festival you celebrate. When you give from your heart without reservation, you receive joy that stays with you forever.

    Uncover your chil's super power this festive season - Shumee

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    The spirit of giving is a lifelong gift that only you can inculcate in your child. Here is how you can encourage your child –

    • Recognize what your child already does – In an experiment where adults dropped their wallets in front of two and three year olds, the little ones unhesitatingly bent down and handed the wallet back to the owners. Children naturally like to like to help and the next time your child does something nice for another child or adult, takes turns with their toys, 
      tell them how good it makes you feel to see them care. It will make then more generous. 
    • They learn what you do not what you say – Generosity is learnt by observation and not just by listening about it. Do what you can and let your kids see it. Donate blood, drop a little something into the charity jar the next time you see one, volunteer where your skills are useful.
    • Giving should involve the family – Most children can understand simple logic and will feel more included in giving when you explain why you give and whom you choose to give to.
    • Charity begins at home – Be generous with family – emotionally, financially and with your time. Festivals are about family and not everyone will have equal resources. Smooth over any awkward points and teach your child never to hold grudges. Brush away any tension points lightly. Appreciate all that you get from your extended family – the warmth, camaraderie, sharing and caring.

    Uncover your chil's super power this festive season - Shumee

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    • Let your child choose – When the choice is their own children are able to adopt it better. For instance, they may not understand climate change, but will be able to understand the need for a toy drive or being kind to an animal. They might just prefer to give of their time and play with other kids who need more interaction. Teach a language to those who have no access to it by playing with them.
    • Give and receive – When a child chooses their own cause, they will find joy in giving. You can also help enhance that joyful experience by pointing out the smiles on the faces of the kids they help, the animals they are kind to.
    • Build giving into their everyday routine – Sharing and caring are traits that can be incorporated in to the daily routine all the year through. Starting from offering a seat to the differently-abled in public, to reading to those who are unable to read, helping a sick friend catch up with school work to sharing a favourite meal with someone, are all ways to demonstrate to your child that you can make a difference.
    • Pay it forward – One way of being grateful is to pay it forward. We cannot always help those who came to our rescue in a time of need. So give when you see a gap and explain to your child why it is important to keep the circle going.

    Teaching a child to be grateful for what they have and sharing with those less fortunate them themselves will enrich their lives forever.

    The receiver benefits from having what he needs but it also helps the giver tangibly as it helps raise self-esteem, develop social skills, and introduces the child to the greater world. Kids learn to appreciate what they have and be grateful for it. This in the long run adds up to  happiness.

    Uncover your chil's super power this festive season - Shumee  

    Background image : Proflowers, wwww.flickr.com

    Donating toys or helping spending a day at the local orphanage playing with the children there, or reading your child’s favourite books to them; every contribution makes a difference – to your child, your community and builds a better world. Isn’t that what every festival should be about? So go ahead this season, give a little to the world and get back a better one in return.

    A merry Christmas and  very happy new year to all!

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