Christmas DIY: How to have fun making things for Christmas

Tis the season - to be jolly, to have family around, get into the spirit of things and get involved.

Christmas comes at a time when we are getting nostalgic about the year-end. It's indeed the holidays, as even the older ones have finished with their exams for the time being and we can all relax! 

So how can you have some fun with the little ones and get them to engage as well?

Creative gift wrapping

There are all those Christmas gifts that are eagerly anticipated, but how are you wrapping them? It's an excellent opportunity to let the kids get creative.

Get some wrapping paper or better yet challenge them to a game of wrapping with everyday materials.

Use newspaper creatively - paint it, tie ribbons around it and pour glitter over it. You can use brown paper bags, pieces of cloth, dried flowers and leaves,  scarves, socks and more to wrap creatively.

Using everyday items will let kids see this all in a new light. It will stimulate their imagination and let them get creative. Remember, it does not matter if the gift wrap is lopsided or crooked. It's the thought that counts. 

Make your own greeting cards

How about handmade Christmas and New Year cards? Get some wooden stamps- you can use the Christmas themes or just any of the others your little one likes - and get creative (the red-nosed reindeer may be a great idea, but imagine a reindeer in all blue!)

Let your child choose their colors and stamps as they create cards and gift tags to go with the presents. It will be great fun for all. And the best thing is that there will be no two alike.

Thoughtful homemade gifts

Want to give thoughtful homemade gifts?

Kids can be encouraged to make a jar with IOU notes. Just make small slips of paper and even if your little one cannot write, stamp some symbols or words on it.

They can all look the same, or they can have a color code. Red can mean time to clear up the toys, while yellow maybe setting the table. It will teach kids the value of being responsible and the real value of gifts.

Another idea is to make simple button and paper clip bookmarks by passing a clip through the back of buttons and straightening the clip again.

Make some cookies, let them put the sprinkles and help you pack them in jars to gift.

X-Mas decorations anyone?

Cut stars from cardboard and let kids wrap them in silver foil. Put up shining silver stars in your windows or on the Christmas tree, A set of 5 can even make a great gift for neighbors, aunts and uncles and grandparents. 

Let them help you decorate a tree. It does not have to be a traditional conical tree, but any tree and every tree deserves to be decorated. After all, they give us the oxygen we breathe.

So make a tree outside your home pretty and make it a teachable moment as you have fun with eco-friendly, homemade decorations. 

Make this a memorable Christmas for all. Let the kids stay engaged and teach them the true meaning of for'giving and for'getting! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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