Empowering through Play! A Women's Day Special

  • Mar 08, 2018
  • Empowering through Play! A Women's Day Special

    Can play empower our kids?

    Yes, it can!

    Special days are about introspection and a good look at where we are and what we wish for.

    At Shumee, we believe that we can all together, create a better world, a happier world and a more playful world.

    Here we share some insights on how play empowers children equally and enables them to be their best.

    Happy Women's day and every day!

    Importance of play

    Play promotes Happiness!

    You just have to look at your little one while they are at play and you will know that is true.

    But play is much more than just sheer happiness.

    It promotes a lot of critical skills like:

    • collaboration (teams)
    • negotiation (sharing)
    • language skill, and
    • memory

    Moreover, it fosters learning by creating environments that inspire deep involvement and discovery.  

    Apart from the tangible skills like motor development, and math learning, play also promotes intangible skill development.

    Achieving Goals

    When your child negotiates with you for five more minutes of play time at the playground, they are learning how to get to their goals in adult life as well.

    They learn that while a tantrum may meet with an adverse reaction, a beguiling smile coupled with a request might be successful.


    When little girls and little boys are treated in the same manner on a playground, they learn that everyone is equal.

    When physical force or size does not dictate who gets to play with what, they learn they are equal.

    Give and Take

    When they trade their toy truck to play with a friend’s puzzle, they learn about give and take.

    Play thus helps build an ability to behave in a socially acceptable manner as we reach for our goals. – Social Competence!  

    The corporate world is learning about resolving their issues through play. They are increasingly understanding that joy at work can enhance focus, team building, conflict resolution, learning, and productivity.

    That's why they are organizing picnics, off-sites, workshops etc. where play is encouraged.

    Play must be about joy, but when we let our little ones indulge in free play, we are empowering them to discover and create meaningful learning that will last them a lifetime.

    Play is not about celebrating a special day but about making every day special!

    Let us empower our children today!

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