Ever thought about a family New Year’s resolution?

  • Dec 28, 2017
  • Ever thought about a family New Year’s resolution?

    Another year is coming to an end. This is probably the time you introspect on the year gone by, and more importantly, look forward to the year ahead and decide your goals, and make your New Year’s resolutions. 

    This year, we have a suggestion about New Year’s resolutions. Most New Year’s resolutions are based on personal goals and challenges.  Whether it is to lose weight, stop a bad habit or start a new one like going to the gym, these are resolutions you set for yourself. However, in addition to these, suppose you were to make a resolution also as a family? If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

    For example, “I will spend more time with the family” is a resolution that many people make. Now imagine if this is the resolution that all of you – parents and kids – make together as a family. It would mean a different kind of bonding, while giving you an opportunity to make it into a learning moment ( or series of moments) with your kids.

    Here are some ways that a family resolution may help.

    Become resolution buddies:

    Remember the concept of gym buddies? Where you draw motivation, inspiration and the occasional reminder from one another?  The same concept will hold good here as all of you can remind and motivate one another to keep the resolution. Be warned though, your kids will probably be the sticklers for a change and make you keep to the rule.

    Inculcate commitment:

    The ability to stick to something and see it through is one of the most crucial skills you can teach your child. By getting them involved in the joint resolution, you can get them to understand the values of commitment to a task as well as to each other. The idea that a team means that everyone brings something to the table, and the fact that others are dependent on them to keep their end of a bargain is a great way to build integrity.

    Be a role model:

    As a parent, you will be very aware of the fact that children learn what they see, and not what they are told. In other words, it’s what we do, not what we say, that they pick up on. You can use a joint family New Year’s resolution to show them how you set a goal, and work towards it. Kids will learn from your commitment (or your excuses). In that way, the family resolution will actually make you hold yourself to a higher standard of compliance since it’s your kids you don’t want to disappoint.

    So, what is your opinion? And if you do make a family resolution, what would it be? More time with the family? Cut back on devices and electronics? More free play? More outdoor play? A sports class or activity that you will join as a family? Maybe learn a new language?  The possibilities are endless. And we believe that the bonding and joy you will gain from this will be pretty endless too.

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